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Top 10 Islamic Baby Girl Names Starting With An

Baby-names starting with “An” are considered very meticulous and have been in demand endlessly. Perpetually, they sound pretty sophisticated, opulent and feminine. However, we don’t see enough choices and end up selecting the same old baby girl names like Anam, Aneesa, etc. So, to settle the argument for the best sounding and latest baby girl name, I have come up with my top ten picks for you all.
With this post, I have also tried to clear a few confusions and misconceptions related to some Islamic girl names. So what holds you back? Buckle up your seat belts to have a ride with me and find the best baby girl names beginning with “An”.

10 Incredible Baby Girl Names Beginning With “An”

Anzala أَنزَلہ

I don’t know why but Anzala reminds me of angels. Maybe because it sounds a little like that! Anzala is a purely Arabic name but it is actually an Arabic phrase, not a verb or noun. It means “sent by Allah” and can be used positively to denote Allah’s blessings. You can give this name to your daughter without any worries because basically whatever we have on Earth has been sent to us by Allah SWT.
However, many parents disapprove of it as Allah also sent various punishments on Earth. As a Muslim baby names expert and according to many Islamic scholars, Anzala doesn’t have a negative meaning at all. The names we give to our babies (doesn’t matter if it is out of an Arabic phrase) is all about our perception of its meaning.

Anamta أَنعَمتَ

You might already be familiar with Anamta as we chant this word a lot of times in a day. Yes! Anamta is derived from An’amta in Surah Fatiha in the Holy Quran. Although you write it is as Anamta, make sure to give this name to your adorable daughter only and only if you and your family members can pronounce her An’amta each time. The pause needs not necessarily be very strong though.
Anamta sounds like a single word but it is also an Arabic phrase that has been mentioned in Surah Fatiha to denote that “you have blessed”. We, as Muslims, are blessed to be born in a religion like Islam and daughters are also great blessings. Anamta is hence, the voguish as well as vintage.

Anaba أناب

With Anaba, I would like to clear away another confusion that a lot of Muslim parents have. You might have heard of Anabia a lot of times and it sounds graceful as well. A number of modern baby naming websites say that Anabia means “doors of Jannah”. However, Anabia is neither an Arabic word nor it has any such meaning.
Instead, the original word is “Anaba” which also sounds very elegant and trendy. This is the third phrase I’m going to suggest you as a modern-day Islamic girl name. Anaba means “repenting and returning to Allah”. From my point of view, it is one of the best baby names you could ever select because it has such a pure and religious meaning. It’s time for us to make this name popular!

Anza عنزہ

Anza is a unique and rare baby girl name with entirely Arabic origins. It means a small spear, hence is a very powerful and warrior-like name to me. Most importantly, Anza is currently trending all over the world as brand names in various fields. Anza Ohyama, a Japanese singer, has added more charm to this name. Who wouldn’t want to pick a name that is unheard as well as popular, short and sweet?

Anaya عَناية

Anaya might not be a very new name to you but I couldn’t skip it because it is trending everywhere. This stylish girl name means care and protection in Arabic. It has been derived from Inaya which I suggested as one of the latest baby girl names for 2018 and 2019. There a lot of Quranic references for Anaya which makes it a star for me. Talking about its popularity, I think it is one of those premium names everybody has been longing to choose this year.

Ansharah انْشَرَاح

As soothing as it sounds, Ansharah also means the same. This classy and girly name has been derived from Surah Inshirah of the Quran. Ansharah means relaxation or relief in Arabic. I particularly love it because of its newness and standard appeal. When I vocalize Ansharah, I feel like addressing to someone really prosperous or high-ranked. Would you like your child to be associated with this name? What do you think about its meaning and overall pronunciation?

Andleeb عندليب

We don’t really hear girls with the name Andleeb but we do hear of nightingales very often. You got it right! Andleeb, in Arabic, means “nightingale”. What a striking and pleasant name! Melody loving parents – what are you waiting for? Go, grab this rare name and tell the world that a tuneful singer is born to rule the world.

Aneeqah أَنِيْقَة

Before proceeding, let me be very clear. It is Aneeqah, not Aneekah. If you mess up with “K” and “Q” in Arabic, you bring a huge disaster in the meaning of the given word. Now that being said, let me tell you the meaning of this super-delicate girl name. Aneeqah means elegant or stylish in Arabic. To rock the name, even more, I suggest going for a stylish spelling such as “Anicah”. It is a wonderfully perfect name for your special baby girl and reflects utter daintiness.

Anahita اناهیتہ

No matter how many times I listen to it, Anahita sounds extremely trending and fashionable Arabic name to me. Parents from all religions are actually choosing it but the best part about Anahita is that it has been inherited from Persian roots. It means pure or flawless in the ancient Persian language. I really love how innocent and chic this name sounds. With a captivating name like Anahita, your daughter can rule over hearts and minds.

Anooshah انوشه

We all know Anusha Dandekar, the famous reality shows host and YouTuber. But, do we know that Anooshah is actually a Muslim baby name? It is actually a name derived from Persian roots and relates to happiness. Precisely, Anooshah means firm, strong and everlasting. It is an exotic name with womanly grace to it. Want your little one to grow up as a tough girl? Pick Anooshah and see the magic happen!

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Anbarah عنبرة

Ambergris is a solid substance that is used to make some really amazing perfumes. Anbarah is directly associated with it in the Arabic language. Actually, Anbarah is a pleasant name meaning Ambergris and relating to being fragrant. Names that denote to heart-throbbing scents instantly make me fall in love with them. Would you want to give a profound significance to your baby’s natural scent with this scented baby name?
I hope you found this ride for experiencing the latest Muslim baby girl names starting with “An” wonderful. What more suffixes do you have in mind and want me to curate another list on? Feel free to pour in your suggestions below. And if you have any queries related to baby names, you’re always welcome to ask them through comments. At GoMama247, it is our unvarying endeavor to ensure that you have the best assistance at all times.


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    hello zeba… i am looking for a short, unique and easy to pronounce name for my baby girl… plz help.. any alphabet will work.. plz suggest few names..

    • Zeba Noor

      Hi Santosh,

      Thank you so much for your query and congratulations!

      I request you to go through our list of Arabic baby girl names as all of them are trendy, stylish and short.

      However, these are some of my quick suggestions for you:
      1. Janina – garden or silk cloth
      2. Salah – faithfulness and purity
      3. Uswah – example
      4. hanwa – Xeranthemum flower
      5. Arnica – genus Arnica
      6. Ezaar – lower piece of Ihraam

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