Beautiful 10 Arabic Baby Boy Names from Letter S


Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names starting with S

The letter S offers oodles of sophisticated name choices for baby boys. In Arabic, there are many options for choosing suitable Muslim boy names from letter S. Muslim names are highly influenced by Persian and Arabic languages. These names may reflect the qualities that the parents hope for in their kids.

Baby Boy Names Starting with S: Islamic Names

Sahim ساہم

A good example of trendy yet meaningful Arabic name that denotes a companion or a partner.

Sakhr صَخْر

This beautiful stylish name, Sakhr means Rock. It is a Quranic name.

Samin سمين

Samin signifies something valuable or precious. It’s a great name choice for your dearest baby boy.

Sarhan سرحان

A beautiful yet impactful name that represents power and courage simultaneously. Sarhan means a Tiger in Arabic.

Sayhan سيحان

A calm and quiet but steady personality can be related to the name. It means flowing and can be associated with a river or fluid.

Shadin شادین

Shadin is used to refer to a person who isn’t bound by anything or can do anything he wishes. One who is free or not dependant on others.

Shofin شوفین

One of the rarest and most impactful Arabic baby names with S. It’s a unique but powerful Arabic name which means Josephine.

Simak سماک

A saint-like personality or a noble person.

Suhaan سوحان

Exactly like the name, the meaning is also pleasing to the ears. Suhaan means pleasant or something beautiful/stunning. Suhaana is also a variant of the name which means pleasing to the eyes.

Sohrab سهراب

Sohrab is a Persian name which is a very specially made name. Sohr means Red and Ab means Water.

Muslim baby boy names are mostly chosen from Persian and Arabic languages but hinging on merely a language may not be a wise choice especially when you are naming a baby and that name is going to impact his personality and life ahead. We have compiled a meaningful list of rare Muslim boy names from letter S that reflect the opulent Arabic tradition and history.

These names are only selective meaningful Arabic names from S, to explore more such names please check our complete list. These names give you a wide choice for your little one’s identity. Some names are inspired by the Prophets while some reflect a few Angelic traits and then there are a few names that take you to the awe-inspiring world of Sahabiyyah. When you have a curated list of mellifluous and meaningful Muslim names in front of you, naming your baby becomes a walkover. Do share your views on the list and we will be happy about our endeavors on curating the list once you find the desired name for your baby.


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