Arabic Baby Boy Names That Are Discouraged In Islam


Inappropriate Muslim Baby Boy Names

Although Arabic is a very important language for Muslims and has significance like none other, it is still a language. It consists of all types of words – good, great, bad and even abusive. Hence, every Arabic word you hear, especially new, is not a good baby name to go for. Similarly, every Quranic word you come across is not a new and stylish baby name either. After all, the Quran is full of teachings and discusses evils, hypocrites, sinners, murderers, oppressors, etc, as well.

Forbidden Baby Boy Names In Islam

Here are a few names I thought I must talk about that are not good Arabic baby names. Remember, you must never bluntly believe the meaning of an Arabic name from just any webpage on the internet. We, at GoMama247, advise you to always do detailed research, and consider reliable sources only.

Fajir فاجر‎‎

I heard a parent saying that their son’s name was Fajir, and they thought it meant “a person who regularly offers Fajr prayer”. I was shaken at what he said and told him that he had a huge misconception. Fajir actually means a sinner by action in Arabic. It also refers to wicked evildoers. Can you even imagine how shameful those parents felt when they heard its actual meaning?
They instantly changed the name to Fajr which means daybreak and is the first prayer of the day. They even got the documentation changed later. This is where the importance of proper verification of a baby name meaning comes into play.

Yasrab یثرب‎‎

Yasrab is the old name of Madinah, the second holiest and significant place in Islam. Since Madinah is considered very important for Muslims, people often give this name to their babies, especially girls. They feel happy to refer to a place like Madinah each time they call their kid. However, Yasrab is not advised as an Islamic baby name because it actually means “diseases”.
After Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) migrated to Madinah, the city got rid of all problems and illnesses, and hence, the name was changed. Then how can we go back to that time and give a negative name to our babies?

Sakheef سخيف‎

Sakheef is another wrong name I recently came across due to a confusion between Sakheef and Saqeef. Sakheef means silly in Arabic and is often used as a negative phrase in Arabic sentences. On the other hand, Saqeef means skilled and proficient. The Arabic spellings for both the names vary and hence, their meanings. Sakheef starts with a “Kha” in Arabic whereas Saqeef starts with a “Qa” – leading to huge differences in the meanings.

Lahab لهب‎

Muslim parents who are not completely aware of Islamic history also select a negative name like Lahab. Abu Lahab was one of the biggest enemies of Islam and his name meant flame. Some modern parents think this name means glory or enlightening and go for it. Such a name is highly discouraged in Islam and should be changed if kept by mistake.

Fasiq فاسق‎

I have heard this case as well where some parents found “Fasiq” new and stylish and went for it just because it was Arabic. They didn’t bother to verify what its actual meaning was. Fasiq is an Arabic term for a venial sinner who continuously violates Islamic laws. I feel sorry for parents who went for that name ever because it is sadistically very negative.

May Allah Bless Us To Choose The Best Islamic Names

With these few names, I think I was able to put some light on halal names in Islam. I hope you found this topic intriguing, just like me. Only if you are interested, I would love to do more research and come out with another list of inappropriate Islamic names for you all. One must go for Islamic names from Quran and Hadith but must verify them with scholars or Muslim baby names experts to avoid any mistakes or negativity.


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