Antibiotics and Kids: Why Doctor Consultation is Must?


A Big NO to Un-prescribed Antibiotics

Is it safe to give Antibiotics to your child before seeing a doctor? Lets us see.
Many people use the old prescriptions or no prescription while trying to cure kid’s health issues. Is this a good approach even for the normal illness or common cold?
Most of the time, children are not well-aware of what’s happening. So, the symptoms you are visualizing are not enough to create the complete picture. Additionally, medicinal or antibiotic treatment is not necessary for all kind of illnesses and excessive use of it may cause other troubles during infancy.

No. Don’t REUSE the Medicines Left Unused Last Time!

Parents sometimes treat the similar symptoms with similar medicines, which is not a good practice. That half-used syrup or partially empty tablet row may worsen the condition due to your misinterpretation of disease. Also, it may be unnecessary to feed kid with antibiotics most of the time.

How Does Our Natural Immune System Work?

Our digestive tract is covered with gut flora i.e. all good bactarias form a fighting wall in our digestive tract. This protective wall is the shield between our body and the harmful bacteria, undigested food, metals, poisons etc.
If the harmful bacteria are killed by the gut flora and you recover from your own immune system that is best for your body.
Reference: WalkingTimes

What Happens When You Take Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are very effective in killing harmful bacteria or the parasite. It kills the harmful bacteria and stops from multiplying. But in this process your gut flora is affected.

Side Effects of Antibiotics

Reference: MayoClinic
1. Effect on Gut Flora i.e. Your Immune System
The warrior Antibiotics kills the harmful bacteria but as a side effect your good bacteria are affected making your gut flora shield weak. It may recover over the time.
2. Possibility of Antibiotics Resistance Bacteria
When antibiotics are working on killing the bacteria, if in case some bacteria are not killed (mainly if the medicine course is not taken properly), then the partially killed bacteria are survived. These bacteria are immune to the last antibiotics you had taken. So next time when these harmful bacteria multiple and you have to take the antibiotics again, you have to take stronger medicines. Now you can imagine how the stronger antibiotics will leave the more harmful side-effects on your body.

The Best Recovery Method Need not be Medicinal Always

Sometimes, non-medical methods may form better bets.
For example, common flu or cold can be recovered by some extra rest. Plenty of clean fluids such as water or fruit juices will do excellent in case of dehydration caused by vomiting, diarrhoea, nasal secretions, or excessive sweating.
Saline water drops will make kid feels better in the case of a stuffy nose. For congestion loosening, you can use a humidifier, which is well-cleaned and free of moulds or bacteria.

How About Consulting over the Phone Call?

It is convenient to talk with the doctor on a phone call and ask for the prescription but is it effective too?
Without seeing and examination, only on the basis of your description – which may not be accurate, is not at all good. The diagnosis is necessary to determine whether the child needs antibiotics or not. These powerful drugs are not easy to handle for the small intestines.
Read this Article for more information

When to Reach the Doctor

If you are thinking that the common illness is taking longer time in recovery, better is to consult your doctor. For instance, common fever is recovered in 2 days if it is not cured in that specific time, be alarmed. You should immediately consult doctor if the body temperature of your child is high without waiting for its own recovery.
If common treatments like home remedies are looking insignificant, you should immediately consult your doctor. The tests and diagnosis are really important to determine child’s actual problem in such case.
Don’t ASSUME. The viral infection or any such problem – if persists for more than usual time, it is required that you ask the doctor to help you.

The Overdose is Hazardous

• The Diarrhoea, dehydration or pre-colitis may appear in children due to spoiled good bacteria and electrolytes.
• Medicinal or penicillin allergies may develop in your child.
• Side-effects like rashes might affect.
• Excessive antibiotics may cause the development of resistance against it. When actually required, the bug may not respond to the drug causing serious results. (As explained above)
• Life-threatening results if the strong drug is unbearable for the kid.

What to do?

• Never use un-prescribed medicines or antibiotics. Neither the drug nor the dose!
• Avoid reuse of previously prescribed drugs.
• Don’t use unnecessary antibiotics. Consumption of these powerful drugs must be utilised in kids when really required.
• Always check the expiry date while buying antibiotics for the children or adults.
• High doses are never recommended until the doctor says.
• Never ask your doctor to give your child antibiotics for faster recovery. Many times parents force doctors to give children stronger medicine if the child has exams or competition or has to travel. But you should never forget the side effects it may cause.
• If non-medicinal methods are available, prefer them.
• Always feed immunity builder foods to your child and make them stronger. Learn here how to make your child’s immune system stronger naturally.
Conditions may go worse if your try to act as a self-certified doctor for your child. You should never ever give the antibiotics to your child without doctor’s consultation. Everyone has got some profession and expertise and when it is about health issues – the results plays important roles in well-being, life expectancy and the existence of kids and adults both. So, be very careful!


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