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Guest Post: Foods to Avoid Colic in Babies

Colic is not a disease nor is a parameter of your baby’s nature. Colic does not necessarily mean that your baby is having some discomfort. Colic is only when your baby cries more than normal, more than three hours a day. And it may be accompanied by violent nonstop crying and more screaming and even louder shrieking cries. The baby might be throwing her arms, raising her legs and holding her stomach. It looks as she is having a very bad stomach ache. And as a mother your heart already melts and you are crying too.

Reasons of Baby Colic

crying baby
There is no reason to worry about. This has many possible reasons. It may be just because your baby is not habituated to a new surrounding outside the womb, feeling unprotected, having some particular kind of stomach ache or simply wants a specific cuddle.
Many parents tell us that their babies never had colic. Even this worries them!! Parents will be parents! So colic is something varying from individual to individual. And so are the remedies differently effective. Some babies might calm down with a lullaby others might want you to take them out for a stroll.
You can try murmuring some sweet sounds gently in the baby’s ears, switching the fan on and off or dance like a clown.
Some scientific research reveals it to be a result of imbalance in the sleep promoting and sleep reducing hormones. They are supplied in vivo but when the baby is born he takes time to start forming it in his body. Once the hormone cycle is set, colic vanishes out of the blues.
To all the guilt conscious mommies out there, do not forget that you are a human before you are a mother. So it’s completely fine when you give up if your child is not pacified from any of the above mentioned methods. It’s rather recommended to leave the child in her swing and talk to her from a distance.
Now another theory emphasizes that colic might happen because your baby is having a gastric trouble. In such cases breastfeeding mothers should include items which don’t allow colic formation. Likewise, there are some vegetables and fruits which promote colic.

Foods to alleviate Colic symptoms

There are some foods, which are known to help alleviate colic symptoms

1. Basil:

The holy basil has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antispasmodic properties. This will help relax your baby’s gut.

2) Ginger:

Ginger has herbal properties. It has volatile oils that help cure any nausea or dizziness. It is known for its effectiveness and quick action.

3) Chamomile Tea:

chamomile tea
This tea unlike your normal tea has negligible caffeine. So you can curb your tea craving while getting the anti-colic benefits.
It has antispasmodic properties and helps relax your baby’s intestinal walls.

4) Fennel:

fennel seeds
According to Ayurveda, Fennel is a carminative. It is a proven herb, which is also included in many anti-colic types of syrup for babies. Fennel is also used in lactation pills to increase breast milk supply in mothers. So consuming fennel seeds has multi-pronged benefits for a breastfeeding mother.

Foods to Avoid Colic in Babies

For this here is a list of foods that you must avoid having when you breastfeed:

1) Garlic and Onions

Having garlic in excess is a colic invite. Though a single garlic clove is good for milk yield increment. But garlic in excess will make your baby have a hard time dealing with stomach ache.
This is because garlic has alliin which gives the pungent smell. This is allergen for some people and leads to gas. Onions have the same property. They both belong to the same family.

2) Cabbages and Brussels Sprouts

In fact don’t consume any cabbage family members including cauliflower and kale. They are loaded with bicarbonate and cause acidity in adults. Imagine how your baby’s egg sized stomach will digest them.

3) Cucumbers

This salad ingredient has a lot of fibers and the seeds are hard to digest. They form a bulk in the gut and are not digested easily. This is why they are used for people on diet. While breastfeeding no dieting!!

4) Peas, Lentils and Legumes

kidney beans
The legumes have a lot of bicarbonate and carbonate content. They lead to acidity and for obvious reasons are not good for a colicky baby.

5) Carbonated Drinks

can soda drink
The name says it they have aeration of carbon dioxide. They help you digest food but they also add to the acidity. This affects your breast milk too.

6) Caffeine, Nicotine and Alcohol

coffee cup
All these intoxicants are a complete no when a breast feeding mom’s diet is sketched out. They are stimulating or depressing, the two extremes of mental state. They are undoubtedly bad for avoiding colic. They will also lower down your tolerance level to add on the misery. Your tolerance is the judging criteria whether your baby is crying beyond normal or is bearable.
More important are the activities you do to stop your baby’s crying.

Tips To Soothe a Colic Baby

– Make her burp because colic leads to a lot of air getting in. This leads to more discomfort.
– Play peekaboo with him to divert his mind. Make him laugh.
– Take her for a walk so that she feels a change.
– Swing, swish or even make her feel like flying to fill her with excitement.
– Sing a known tune or play some particular music to habituate him to it. This will make him feel that he is safe and not alienated.
Don’t let colic discourage you about not being a good parent. Colic distress is a temporary which lasts only few initial months.


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