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Japanese Nicknames Inspired by Anime Characters

Have you ever compared your cute new-born with any iconic anime character? Well, we all have loved anime at a point of time in our lives and naming a baby after a popular character is indeed an out of the box approach and probably a good trend to follow. To celebrate this spirit, we have prepared a list of anime-inspired baby names that you can consider for your little one’s nickname.

Japanese Anime Trendy Names


Nothing can be better than beginning the list with love and affection inspired anime baby name. Aika is a familiar name for ‘Agent Aika’ lovers. The name denotes a love song in Japanese.


The names that end with ‘O’ are simply beautiful and cute. Be it Chiyo Sakura from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun or Chiyo Shuuzenji from Boku no Hero Academia – the name is equally adorable as the anime characters. It’s a unique Japanese baby girl name which means a thousand generations.


Does the name sound familiar to you? The unconventional Japanese boy-name refers to a great land. The masculine name in Japanese refers to Daichi Sawamura, a responsible and well-behaved anime character from the popular Japanese series Haikyu.


If you traveled down the memory lane for a moment after seeing the name, you must have been a D N Angel enthusiast. The Japanese feminine name describes a beautiful, blessed child.


The name definitely has its own charm. The name helps us in recalling and celebrating the Darling in the Franxx fandom. An open-minded personality and full of optimism – what more can you expect from your little prince? The Japanese meaning of the name is the fifth son.


The Japanese Origin name signifies a flower and also refers to an interesting anime character from the popular Japanese Manga series, Prison School. The character loves athletics and she is a Karate champion. Well, the parents who want their little angel to become a Charlie’s Angel can give this name a thought.


The name Jun means Pure / Simple in Japanese refers to an obedient person. It’s a unisex Japanese name.


Well, the moniker can be used as a nickname for your sweet and active baby girl. The name means Chrysanthemum in Japanese. If your little one is mischievous, clever and smart then this name may fascinate you.


The other variant of the name is Masha. In Japanese, the name means true or just. It’s a unisex name and describes an anime character from Seto no Hanayome or My Bride is a Mermaid.


The name sounds similar to the Indian name Shikha. Shika is a feminine name and it means deer in Japanese.
The characters from the world of anime exemplify many qualities like cuteness, kindness, positivity, optimism and more. As a teenager you might have liked such animes, as a child, you develop an attachment to such names due to their heroic acts on screen. Looking for such names for your own baby is very natural. We have suggested trendy, cute and simple to pronounce new-age nicknames from your beloved Japanese anime. We hope you liked them. Help us explore some more anime name possibilities by commenting below.


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