Anemia in Pregnancy: Causes and Home Remedies


Anemia During Pregnancy: All You Need to Know

symptoms of anemiaAnemia is considered to be a medical condition that arises due to a lower production rate of Red Blood cells than necessary. Anemia must be avoided during pregnancy for a healthy sustenance of the mother as well as her child in the womb. With not enough Red Blood cells to transfer oxygen into the tissues of the mother or the child, both parties can suffer greatly. Most commonly found cases of Anemia include the following:

Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Having a self-explanatory name, Iron Deficiency is caused due to an Iron shortage in the body. Formation of Hemoglobin—a protein rich in Iron present in Red Blood Cells that enables the process of carrying oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body, is reduced with the absence of enough amount of iron within the bone marrow.

An Iron deficiency can also be caused in cases of blood loss via excessive consumption of pain relievers, an ulcer cancer or even heavy menstruation bleeding.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Anemia

Vitamin B12 is an essential ingredient needed for the formation of Healthy blood cells including Red Blood Cells. Women during pregnancy require the presence of a higher amount of Vitamin B12 to accommodate the increased production of Blood cells.

Expectant mothers whom of which have followed their lifestyle as a vegetarian are more prone to developing Anemia because of Vitamin B12 Deficiency, due to an absence of Meat, poultry, and dairy products from their diet.

Those of whom that have a food consumption that includes the earlier mentioned products may also suffer from Vitamin B12 Deficiency as a result of their body being unable to process B12.

Sickle Cell Anemia

Such cases of Anemia are caused by the formation of Hemoglobin, of a defective form which results in abnormally shaped Red Blood Cells whom of which die at a premature stage. In return, this can cause a chronic shortage within the Human body of Red Blood Cells.

Sickle Cell Anemia in most cases is inherited and can have grave consequences if not treated in its earlier stages.

Being Diagnosed with Anemia is every Pregnant woman’s nightmare. However, there are 101 ways of overcoming these deficiencies with the religious use of home remedies. Some of the best tried-and-tested include the consumption of the following:

Foods to Avoid and Treat Anemia


Considered as a Miracle-vegetable, beetroot is one of the most Iron-enriched products of nature there could be, it is also rich in folic acid as well as potassium. It can be used in salads or even smoothies along with other ingredients of your choice. Its quick to make and can be considered as the most convenient way of adding essential vitamins into your diet.




If you’re not a fan of how Beetroot tastes then you could always replace it with Spinach—packed with Fiber, Beta Carotene, Vitamin B9, C, A and iron. Adding Spinach into your diet is probably all that you need on a regular basis to cure Anemia.

The presence of Oxalic Acid in Spinach can interfere with Iron absorption by the body if not boiled before consumption. The process of boiling reduces the Oxalic Acid levels making absorption easier.


Considered as a delicacy and a blessing from nature within the middle-eastern countries, Dates have paved their way into the hearts of all around the globe. As sweet as they taste, dates pack quite a punch with 0.90 mg of Iron per 100g.
Enriched with other minerals such as Magnesium, calcium, and copper, they can be consumed with ease on a daily basis without any hassle of cooking them. They taste good enough just on their own.


Being an exceptionally high source of Sodium, Protein, Iron, and Fiber, Raisins are considered as Nature’s form of ‘drop of youth’ due to their antioxidant properties. Herbal and traditional forms of medicine use Raisins to cure cases of Anemia since a 100g contain 1.88 mg of Iron alone.

These dried grapes can be consumed with honey after being soaked overnight, or can be used as a past-time snack to munch on while watching Television or reading a book. Either way, they are excellent ingredients to treat Anemia.

Women during Pregnancy are most prone to developing Anemia. Regardless of the type, Anemia is a condition that must be handled with extreme care and precaution to protect not only the mother but also safeguard the child from developing any complications. A strict diet plan must be followed by those that are more likely to suffer from Anemia.
Consumption of the earlier mentioned food’s suits all, whether Vegetarian or not.

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