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Pregnancy brings many surprises in a woman’s life. It is a common belief that pregnancy also brings a glow to your face and body skin, many say it’s a myth. My understanding is it is because of hormonal changes. If they are in your favor they will bring you glow else not. But whatever it is, can it stop us from getting our favorite time of skin and hair care? Obviously, it is no more as easy as before pregnancy. But in fact, pregnancy is the time when you need that care and comfort to make you feel relaxed.

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The things with new mothers are more difficult. We feel guilty leaving new born baby with someone in family or the baby sitter. What if baby cries, what if baby is hungry. No way you can relax out of your home. Working women, be full time job or work from home, you do want to have that time for yourself but stepping out and waiting is not what we look forward to.
There is, however, an amazing chance to pamper yourself with high end at-home delightful home beauty and wellness services and body massages. How? Find out here!

While pregnant women are unable to step out of their homes owing to health issues, married women find it difficult to strike a balance between their domestic responsibilities and leisure as well.
Beauty and wellness service, Amber seeks to address these difficulties of pregnant women, new mothers and working women. You can get all the beauty services delivered right at your home – thanks to Amber.

Bringing Premium Salon Services Right at Your Doorstep!

Getting pampered without any efforts is just a few clicks away. You can book your appointment at home with the beautician and/or stylist you want. Yes you can select the beauty professional. So all the hassle of getting ready, travel and waiting in queue in beauty parlor is gone. All you have to do is, book your appointment, relax and enjoy the massage, facials, pedicure, manicure right at your own home. Enjoy your favorite movie/ TVshow or simply a soothing meditation music while getting the queen like treatment. Be it your usual beauty care, just for relaxing or getting make up for a party. Amber has all services you need for your skin and hair care and styling.

How to Book Your Beautician/Stylist for Home Service?

Have a look at available Stylists and Beauticians: Though all the therapists registered with Amber are well-trained and vetted, with Amber you can choose your preferred therapist for every service. You can check out their work by browsing through their profile to find their ratings, photographs, certifications and recommendations in order to determine whom to choose.

Check the Services: A list services is created by the professionals according to needs for various occasions.

Booking Time: Select the services, stylist/beautician then select the time and day and provide your address. Done!

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Currently, the on-demand home beauty services can be availed only by those living in Mumbai. The delightful home beauty services by Amber include everything starting from Facials, party makeup, manicure, pedicure, hairstyling, and massage along with other essential beauty services right at the comfort of your home or office

Why was Amber Established?

The very idea behind Amber’s inception was to reach out to would be mommies and other busy spectacular females who find it difficult to visit a beauty parlor for different reasons. And, it must be mentioned that the particular idea has been accepted with open arms. A look at the website will tell you how satisfied the esteemed clients are with the quality of services delivered.

So be ready to rock the next party in town with aplomb. After all, who doesn’t deserve all the good things in life? Book your stylist at home today by downloading Amber’s android/iphone app. Look Good. Feel Good.


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