Amazing Facts about Flax Seeds


Health Benefits of Flax Seeds

Did you know these tiny brown seeds are outstanding source of fiber and proteins, omega 3 fatty acids? Yet, it is a challenge to find creative ways to have flaxseeds regularly in diet. Let’s know more about this amazing food and some delicious recipes of it.

Flax seeds in India is known as Alasi OR Tisi OR Jawas.

Why is Flax seed a power pack?

1. Rich source of Omega 3 fatty acid: 1 tablespoon flax seed = 1.8 gms of plant Omega3. Cheaper choice over expensive nuts and oils.
2. High in dietary Fibers: Very helpful in digestion. Reduces cholesterol and keeps heart and blood vessels healthy. It fights against hight BP, high cholesterol and hardening of the arteries.
3. Reduces chances of cancer, inflammatory diseases like asthama
4. Secrete of beautiful hair and skin: Flax seeds contain lignans which are powerful anti-oxidants (much more than found in sesame, cashew nuts or sunflower seeds). It gives you healthy body and younger looking skin.
5. Flax seed has properties of stabilizing blood sugar hence beneficial to diabetic patients
6. Flax seed is also high in protein.

How to eat flax seeds?

You may eat whole roasted flax seeds but they are difficult to digest. Best way to get maximum benefits of flax seeds is to roast and ground as the powdered form is very easy to digest.

Easy Recipes of Flax seeds

1. Roast it and ground it. Keep it handy and use in paratha or thalipith for regular use like cumin-coriander powder. You can make a mixture of cumin, coriander and flax seeds powder.
2. Jawas Chutney: You need: Flax seeds roasted, cumin, garlic, red chilly powder, salt. Mix all ingredients and ground to chutney. You may add little onion and little water if you like. Refrigerate and consume in 2-3 days. Goes well with Paratha/Chapatti/Bajra roti.
3. Use whole seeds in breakfast cereals, bread, muffins and cakes.
4. Mouth freshener: Sprinkle some salted water over flax seeds and then roast to make a mouth freshener. You can mix it with equal quantity of roasted fennel seeds and sesame seeds if you don’t like taste or texture of only flax seeds. Eat this after a meal to improve digestibility.

When Can you introduce flax seeds to babies?

Its safe to try once baby is 1 yr old. Roast and make powder. Use a half spoon of flax seeds powder in soups/porridge. You can use it in all food items where you use cumin powder.
In case you observe very loose stools passed by baby. Stop use of flax seeds and consult doctor before you resume the use.

Can pregnant mothers eat flaxseeds?

Even though the flax seeds are tiny packs of power, some studies show Flax mimics estrogen which can cause problems during pregnancy (In high doses only). So you should consult your doctor before you consume flax seeds regularly.


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