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Birth Control while Breastfeeding: Important Facts Explored

Can mothers who are breastfeeding use contraceptives? Yes they can. Many mothers feel that because they are breastfeeding they cannot use contraceptives. They fear that they would put the infants at risk by doing so. However, contrary to the popular belief breastfeeding mothers can take contraceptives if they are ready to acquaint themselves with the Safe use of birth control while breastfeeding. We will walk you through a few details regarding the same. Make sure you’re making an informed decision.

Can you conceive right after pregnancy?

Now, most of the women who breastfeed generally experience reduced ovulation owing to the of periods. This period known as lactational amenorrhea is marked by the 0.5 to 2% decrease in the risk of pregnancy.
The fertility of breastfeeding mothers depends on frequency and duration of breastfeeding sessions. For every woman its different. Not only it depends on woman but also it could be different for her own different post-pregnancy times.
In my first post-pregnancy I did get my regular periods in 6 months but after my second child was born I got it after a year postpartum. However, one cannot completely rule out chances of conceiving during this time
With exclusive breastfeeding chances of more delay in getting cycles are very high. If baby starts sleeping for long time without breastfeeds in between during night then you can get your cycles back. Even during first 6 months of delivery if you are not exclusively breastfeeding then that’s most fertile period for you. Relying on breastfeeding as birth control is not safe. This is why it is important to find out whether one should use contraceptives or other birth control measures while breastfeeding or not.
Here is more information about Breastfeeding as birth control.

Why mothers are afraid of using birth control measures while breastfeeding

When it comes to Birth control for breastfeeding moms, one must understand that though most of the contraceptives are safe for use, there are a few that might undesirably affect the milk supply. These unsafe contraceptives should be religiously avoided by new mother.
The trick is to know which birth control products you can use and which ones you should avoid. Some of the contraceptives that should be avoided include products like vaginal rings, oral contraceptives and transdermal patches – all of which contain estrogen.
Though there is no clear explanation as to what happens if you take estrogen, there are instances of mothers completely drying up after using them. It has been categorically suggested that mothers who face problems while breastfeeding or are feeding older babies should be especially cautious about not taking these contraceptives.
However, some mothers may do just fine even after taking them. So, it’s only safe not to leave any room for uncertainty when it comes to your baby’s and your own health.

Measures that you can use

Progesterone is generally preferred by mothers since there are fewer chances of them affecting milk supply. Women who are sensitive to progesterone are advised take progesterone pills before turning to a high dose progesterone injection.
Notably, IUD or Intrauterine devices should be used with due prudence as well. They can be differentiated in accordance with their hormonal and non-hormonal properties. The hormonal ones contain progesterone. Mirena, for instance, is a new type of IUD containing progesterone. It is not really prudent to use Mirena while breastfeeding since it is known to create problems for breastfeeding mothers by releasing synthetic progesterone over a period of time.

Final Words

Want to find out about birth control that doesn’t affect breastfeeding? Probably best answers to this question is Condoms and diaphragms, they are barrier methods of birth control that don’t impact breastfeeding in any which way. Educating yourself about breastfeeding and different birth control measures remains the best way to ensure complete nourishment for your baby.


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