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Tips: Baby Hair and Nail Care

The baby grooming kit is a must-have for every new parent. When the toys, compelling dresses, accessories and nutrition seem essential for your newborn; how can the little one’s grooming be a small fry in your baby’s shopping list?
Such kits comprise of various items that are necessary for your baby’s grooming. Most of the grooming kits are ergonomic and contain thermometer, brush, safe nail clipper and hair comb. Usually, such kits offer ordinary thermometer but as a smart mom or dad, you can go for a separate digital one for ease-of-use.
Choosing the right Baby grooming set is a very important task. It’s not just the price or the number of items inside the kit. It’s more about what you actually want to have on your shelf for your baby’s grooming. Here are some basic but important grooming tips for baby that will help you check all the boxes in your baby grooming list.

Hair Brushing Tips

Say No to Daily Hair Wash

baby bath
Every new parent is afraid of trying anything related to their baby’s cleaning, grooming, nutrition and other essential tasks. The baby’s body is too fragile to tolerate any experiment. Well, cleaning the baby is an unavoidable job. You have to maintain the hygiene but washing your baby’s hair every day is not a hard and fast rule. You can simply wash your baby’s soft hair with a baby shampoo twice a week without spending much time and that will do the work for the rest of the week.

Trimming Cautiously

Make sure your baby has had enough sleep and proper diet before going for his/her hair trimming. If your baby is least irritated, he/she will make less movement during the trimming.


Your baby needs gentle combing every day. Always pick the combs with soft bristles. If you want to use toothed combs, make sure they are wide-toothed. This will prevent your baby from getting hurt or getting his/her curly or straight hair tangled.

Cutting Baby’s Nails

baby nails
Cutting baby nails can be more daunting than it seems. Those tiny soft nails are fragile and prone to scratches and wound. As a caring parent, you must take proper care while clipping your baby nails.

Right Time to Cut the Nails

The calcium in the breast milk and in the baby’s diet helps his/her nails grow very fast requiring clipping multiple times a week. The baby nails are easily pliable but the first time parents must prefer the suitable times for piling the nails. It’s easy to clip the nails just after your baby has taken a bath. The moisture makes the nails softer and easily pliable.
Another great opportunity to clip your baby’s nails without facing any cry or disturbance is when he/she is taking a nap or feeding. Think about it!

How to Cut a Baby’s Nails?

For easy and safe clipping of your baby’s nails, try using special scissors or clippers made for babies. You can experience a great hold on them and they cause least harm. Always hold your baby’s hand firmly and try to cut the fingernails in curvy shape, following the finger curves to avoid the skin cuts.

Toe nails?

The baby toenails can be cut slight differently. Clipping them when they are short in length is not a great idea. Let them grow and clip them only when you feel they have exceeded the toe noticeably. For small babies, even doctors suggest to use just an emery board. It smoothens the rough edges and prevents the soft baby skin from any damage. As your baby grows, you can cut the nails using a baby nail clipper straightly and not in a curvy way. The rest of the uneven parts of the toenails can be adjusted using emery board. It’s easy and safe.

Scissors or Clippers?

Choosing the right tool to cut your baby’s fingernails may create chaos. Different people, different opinions! Well, nail clippers are the most chosen and common way to cut the baby fingernails but trying the scissors is an opinion-changing choice.
You can’t let your fingernails grow like a fire as grooming is very important to maintain the hygiene and keeping your baby away from various illnesses. Baby nail scissors are the suitable nail cutting tools for the newborns and small babies. You can conveniently cut the small, soft nails with the baby scissors with rounded tips. Just choose a comfortable position and hold the scissor firmly. Scissors are better as there are less chances of the baby being poked or his/her skin getting nicked mistakenly.

Choosing the Right Thermometer For Babies

Gone are the days when people used to measure the temperature of the body using the traditional thermometer like a scientist giving a serious look. Digital thermometer is the need of today. It’s easy-to-use, accurate and durable. The mercury thermometers are prone to breakage and in the case of small babies, it is very difficult to use as the babies are not stable all the time. If you are not sure about your thermometer pick, here is a great product for you.

Digital Infrared Thermometer for Babies with 4-in-1 Functional Benefit

It’s a stylish, lightweight and handy thermometer for babies and adults. It’s a multifaceted and total value-for-money product. The on-touch power button at the bottom of the digital thermometer helps you turn the thermometer into active mode instantly. It gives accurate results in just 1 second. The thermometer can be used to measure the temperature of the forehead, ears and room. It also has a backlight and a clock as add-ons. The thermometer has a LCD screen which adds to the convenience. It is safe, advanced and sustainable. You can also get the last temperature readings with a single press of button.

Top 3 Grooming Set for Babies in India

Here is a curated list of the best grooming sets for Indian babies.

Basic Baby Grooming Set with Comb, Scissor and Brush Set : Chicco

What does your baby need for his/her grooming? A comb, a brush, a nail-scissor? Well, this product got you covered. The baby comb and brush set for Indian babies is the ultimate baby grooming solution for every mom. No more hair tangles or hair fall! The comb with rounded ends has soft brush bristles that take care of your baby’s comfort needs during combing. You don’t have to pay for an additional baby hair brush online. With the help of the soft brush available with this kit, you can easily clean your baby’s hair gently and even remove the dandruff. You can trim your baby’s long hair with specially designed round edged scissors. The scissor comes with a cover to maintain the hygiene.

Why Buy This?
• Cool design and Great Color
• Nicely organized set
• All basic grooming accessories are available
• Portable
• Cost-effective

6 Piece Baby Personal Grooming Kit: KARP

In need of an extensive Baby grooming set? Well, here is a great product to fit well with your comprehensive baby grooming requirements. The kit contains a total of 6 useful baby grooming items – nail scissors, 4 nail file boards, nail clippers, toothbrush and hair brush. You can simply carry the zippered kit during your trips and use it anywhere. When you gear up to buy baby comb online India has some of the best online platforms to offer a variety of stylish baby combs but the price for a single baby comb may not be reasonable. When you buy this kit, you get a collection of premium baby grooming items at a great price. All the items can be well organized inside the kit. The best thing is, all the products are quality approved, safe and durable. You get the value for every penny you spend on it.

Why Buy This?
• Low-maintenance needing zipper kit
• Easy to organize the items
• Items with long shelf life
• Certified items
• Travel-friendly
• Great gift for new parents

Baby Grooming and Healthcare Kit: TommeeTippee

It’s a complete baby grooming kit that every mom looks for. The kit comprises of 9 baby essentials including – baby nail clipper, baby comb with soft bristles, round edged baby scissors, a bulb syringe, Nasal aspirator, nail file boards, brush, toothbrush and a digital thermometer.

Why Buy This?
• Handy, safe and hygienic kit
• Complete grooming and basic healthcare solution
• Smartly designed zipper kit
• Easy to access and organize the items
• Good for travelling
The grooming of a baby is a big challenge for every parent and it should not be overlooked. Your baby deserves a great hygiene and a neat appearance. Be it giving some awesome poses to the clicks made by your guests or waving the hands in a public place – your baby must look sophisticated and neat. The above kits are effective in keeping your baby neat, healthy and sophisticated. What are you buying today?


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