Activities to avoid during Pregnancy: 1st Trimester


Activities You can’t Do While Pregnant

The delightful news of pregnancy comes with some dos and don’ts. Taking proper precautions during pregnancy is imperative and that not only includes dietary precautions but physical activities as well. Though you need to stay active and continue healthy eating and safe workouts during pregnancy, you are not supposed to do certain activities when expecting which may cause possible threats to you and the baby.
Other than avoiding certain food and certain workouts like Abs-toning etc. here are a few activities that you should avoid especially during the 1st trimester of the pregnancy.

Things Not to do While Pregnant

Bathing with Hot Water

Bathing in water which has a balanced temperature is always suggested for to-be moms. When the water’s temperature in Sauna, tub or Jacuzzi is too high, it may cause birth defects like neural defects in the developing baby. Also, make sure that the bathtub is clean and hygienic before entering it.

Extreme Workouts

Pregnancy is not at all a No Workout Phase. Doctors suggest mild workouts for pregnant women that don’t affect the overall health of the mom and the baby. Too rigorous workouts in a Non AC environment may raise the body temperature above 102 degrees and heavy workouts may make your heart beats reach 140 per minute which is not at all safe for a pregnant woman. Try to do light workouts or as suggested by the doctor or trainer in a gym/fitness centre.


Stretching is a big NO NO for to-be moms. During Yoga or an exercise, if stretching is done rigorously, it may cause abdomen’s strain or foetus’s extension and the results can be severe.

Sleeping on Your Belly

There are some safe positions that are suggested for expectant women. Sleeping or lying on belly is one of those positions that may negotiate with a to-be mom’s and the baby’s health. This position has a direct impact on the baby and hence it should be avoided completely during sleeping or workout.


Lack of balance is very common during pregnancy. You are carrying a baby in your womb and it’s perfectly natural that you may lose your balance while sitting or riding a bicycle. Hence, it is advised to avoid cycling during pregnancy.


Some women feel that starting to run or jogging during pregnancy can be useful to stay fit. But, the thing is if you are not regular at it before pregnancy, you should avoid it during this crucial phase. You may experience overexertion and as a result, you may collapse and cause damage to the foetus. Lack of energy is natural during this phase and hence pushing your limits may not be a good idea.

Amusement Rides

Yes, it’s difficult to control the urge of amusement rides; especially if you like it from the beginning. Amusement rides like roller coaster ride, horse ride, waterslides etc. may be fascinating but the motions of these rides may cause nausea. And, sudden jerks may cause the detachment of the placenta from uterus wall. Too risky for an expectant mom and the baby!

Some Fun Activities That have Severe Impact on the Body

There are some other activities like playing tennis, scuba diving, surfing, water-skiing, snowboarding etc. that can be a threat to your balance and abdomen. It’s better to stay away from these activities than regretting later.
Yes, pregnancy is a phase full of mixed emotions and experiences. There is some fun, some excitement, some risks and threats and lots of responsibilities. But, the happiness of holding a healthy baby without negotiating with your own health is simply an unparalleled experience and if this happens at the cost of avoiding the above-mentioned activities, it should not be a big deal. A safe and balanced pregnancy regime is the key to a happy post-pregnancy life.
Many times women don’t realize the pregnancy for the first month and when they realize, they start worrying about the restricted foods they had or activities like above they did. If that is the case with you please note, you should not be worried. Just mention it to the doctor during scanning. A happy pregnant woman raises a healthy baby in her womb. So, stay stress-less!


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