About Sapana

Hi, thank you for visiting my blog, I am an IT professional from the last 10 years and a mother of 2 kids.

Back in 2010, when I was pregnant and became mother for the first time, I was quite excited to follow a strict healthy diet plan and fitness tips. I used to surf internet for every single question or doubt I had. In spite of internet being an ocean of information, I, many a times, would not find concise and research based information for my specific questions and queries. As an educated and cautious reader I expected accurate, easy to understand, concise and of course, the best information for Indian mothers like me. When I did not find appropriate sources or answers for my problems, I was inspired to start this blog.

During both my pregnancies I got excellent guidance from Dr. Shama Kulkarni. She helped me for successful breastfeeding both the times. Also, I found her tips quite amazing and really effective in maintaining an ideal weight and my baby’s and my health. As they say the proof of the pudding is in the eating, I, who had put on nearly 15 kgs of weight (during and post pregnancy) on the two occasions, was successful both the times in losing all those extra 15 kgs in just about 5-6 months owing to exclusive breastfeeding.
The secret of such a “wonder” was not any magic pill or unhealthy dieting; but were simple yet highly efficacious tips and information by experts. Seeing me transform and get back to the regular shape and normal weight in such a short span of time, all my friends were surprised! And I could not resist sharing such useful tips and knowledge gained from doctors (those mentioned in this blog) through a useful medium like an informative blog.

I have many such anecdotes and experiences to share. One of them is when I was in Tokyo, Japan. During my stay, I could see the best practices followed by Japanese friends who were new mothers. They followed highly healthy and life-long sustainable regimes not only for themselves but also for their kids. Japanese mothers feed their kids right from the start highly nutritious foods with all their natural tastes intact. So, no taste makers, no additives and no fastidious eating! This makes their kids accept and appreciate all kinds of food. I shall be sharing more details through this blog.

For the new mothers, their career takes a back seat. But after a while, when the things are set and we adapt and adjust to our new schedules, we pine to work again. After leaving the job just before my 1st son’s delivery, I tried many experiments to work from home including some off domain projects. I struggled a lot as a mother getting back to work. And I learned few lessons. I wish to help other mothers by sharing them through this platform.

I hope you enjoy reading and take advantage of and learn from the information, tips and anecdotes on this blog. Please comment on posts and let me know how you find the articles and what more you would like to read.
If you too have a story, even any tiny tit-bits of genuinely worthy information, then please share. The readers would love to and would be benefited to read them! As they say, sharing the wealth of knowledge only increases and enhances it! So, let all the Indian mothers get the advantage of one another’s treasure trove of experiences and information!