About Devasmita

Devasmita has done her mass communication and has worked as a criminal journalist in NorthEast India. She has been a TV news presenter, a script writer, documentary film maker and a columnist in newspaper. She has also done a decent time with All India Radio.

But she has put that body of work in a box when she was pregnant with her son, Olive, who is now nine years old and went hands-on into motherhood. Now she has a daughter too, Bonney, who is four years old. The kick in her is that she is constantly striving to strike a balance between being the mother that she wants to be, being a woman that she should be and decoding happiness as an absolute state of being.

From her blogs we will not only gain information about certain impending issues and concerns surrounding motherhood, we will also gain perspective about the ever eluding factor called personal happiness and individuality that we women find hanging at the threshold following motherhood.

Keep an eye on her blogs because she makes motherhood ‘hot’!