A New Mom Diary: My 1 Year Old Anniversary as a Mother


Lessons I learnt during 1st year of Motherhood

A baby known grenade exploded and my life, though in a good sense, completely changed. Before the birth of my mischief and naughty kid, my life was all right. However, now it has become better or should I say meaningful!
First thing first, waiting for my baby was the longest wait, I’ve ever made in my life. It was the same month last year when my son came into my life. This little one that once looked like a bobble-head doll due to lack of strength in his neck muscles is now stretching the same to peep enthusiastically at my laptop to see what I am writing right now. Yeah, I know he does not understand even the single word, but he is thrilled to see the magic of this big machine.
His journey from an infant to a mischievous toddler has been filled with adventures. Like any other mom, I have tried to capture all those beautiful moments with words and photos. However, when at the birthday party of my son, one of my guests unintentionally called me ‘one-year-old mom,’ instead of ‘one-year’s old mom, I realized that I have never even thought about my one-year anniversary as a mother. What about my journey as a mother? After all, I become a mother only after the birth of my child. Better late than never, so here it goes.

Soon after the birth of my bundle of joy

As soon as the phase, ‘want-to-hold-my-baby-every time’ got faded away, I quickly understood the reality. All those TV advertisements showing happy mothers and their cute dimpled babies are far away from the reality. The truth is very different, and I am sure if reel moms are mothers in real life, they will also acknowledge it. Despite following all the ‘parenting rules,’ I had a tough time in dealing with a few days old baby. After all, at the end of the day, a baby does what he wants to do!
What I finally learnt was a valuable lesson
• I learnt to hold my baby in my arms without hurting his soft skin and making him uncomfortable
• I learnt the art of changing diapers without dirtying myself. Now, I know which side should come in front
• I understood, expecting from your baby anything than crying, sleeping, and feeding is just your over expectations

1-2 months

Though, I never wanted to say this, but thank you, my dear husband, for tolerating me. My family, especially my husband had a terrible time as I suddenly started competing with my newborn. Every day I found petty issues to break down. As days passed, the reasons got worse. Just to clear things, let me tell you some of the reasons: Why is my almirah so dirty?’ or where is my mobile charger?’ Many times I lashed out at my family, especially my husband who became the victim of my mood swings.
What I finally learnt was a valuable lesson
• So two months down the line, I learnt to stay calm and not lash out at everyone
• I learnt to adjust my sleeping timetable as per my child’s sleeping habits
• Finally, I was out of ‘Meena Kumari’ phase
mothers lessons

3 to 5 months

Sigh! My mother-in-law who came to stay with me for a few months went back. For the first time, my husband and I were to take complete care of the baby. After my husband, the next gentleman who took the burden of this paradigm shift was my pediatrician. I still remembered that day when my baby who had a habit of waking up for at least five times in a night, woke up only for two times. I immediately dialed my doctor’s number to inform him about his ‘abnormal’ behavior. My doctor’s number was on my speed dial, and it was my habit to call him for the smallest of things that seemed to be abnormal to me but normal to any normal person. In 99 cases, my doctor did not find any problem with my baby as the real problem was my over complaining behavior.
What I finally learnt was a valuable lesson
• I learnt how to use the internet to get answers to all my queries related to my baby
• I learnt the art of differentiating between serious issues that required doctor’s interference and normal issues that I could address myself
• I learnt the technique of making the optimum use of ‘sleeping time’ of my baby to do pending household chores
• I covered my child under the family floater health insurance

6-9 months

Finally, it was the time to say goodbye to my maternity leave. It was the time for a big leap— resuming the work at the office! I was still wondering what made me so restless during my initial days at the office after maternity leave. Was it the feeling of separation from my son? Or, was it because my baby showed no signs of sadness? Of course, my slim, trim colleagues were also one of the reasons for anxiety. Then, some coworkers tried to show sympathy by asking questions which I hated to reply— Did you miss your son? Or, how it felt to come at work, leaving your tiny tot behind? I tried my best to be polite with them, but I wanted to tell them— Leave me alone.
What I finally learnt was a valuable lesson
• Though slowly, eventually I got over the feeling of ‘physically present and mentally absent’
• I started communicating with my stylishly dressed colleagues, especially slim ones without physically meeting them. My chat messenger and emails proved to be of a great help
• Thanks to my beautician Rajni Aunty, in a week or so, I finally managed to get out of the zombie look and appearance.

9-12 months

By this time, my baby’s mobility had increased. Until now things were manageable because my baby was just crawling. Hell broke when he started trying standing up and walking with or without support. Though I was mentally strong, the sight of my baby falling was painful. At the same time, many things in our house faced the brunt of my baby’s new mobility. Right now, I can recall my smartphone, TV remote and some crockery only.
What I finally learnt was a valuable lesson
• I learnt that all babies fall to rise again
• I found a good weight loss technique to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes— by running behind my naughty son

Some changes that my child brought in my life

Though it was my Facebook account, it was filled with my baby’s photos. The first time, he wore his new dress, the first time he smiled, the first time he held my finger— my husband captured all those ‘first times’ and as a proud mother, I immediately posted these photos on my Facebook account.
Besides this, some of the changes that I felt immediately after the birth of my child are:
-> I become a responsible person: Immediately after the birth of my tiny tot, I got him covered under both my corporate and individual health insurance plans
-> Now my love for my parents has increased: I never acknowledged their sacrifices, but now I have started respecting my parents a lot
-> I become sensitive and loving: Now I think of someone else, 5671808170 times a day. I feel bad whenever I see children on the roads doing odd jobs

Whenever I glance over at my achievements in the last one year as a mother, I fail to decide whether I was good or bad. I started with very limited knowledge and learnt the art of motherhood while raising my son from the Day 1.
However, wait a minute, if someone gives me a chance to go back and change things, believe me, I will not do it. I was perfectly imperfect, and there was some happiness in that imperfection also. I was not great as a mother but still I managed to bring a smile on my child’s face. I loved all the imperfections because it was the part of the journey of falling and then again standing up as a strong mother. These were some golden moments of my life which I will cherish throughout my life.
Oh, my naughty boy is trying hard to switch off my laptop. So before he succeeds, I want to you to do three cheers for me. After all, it is my anniversary of being a one-year-old mom.
Hip Hip Hooray!


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