9 Recipes For Protein Shakes Made From Berries


Healthy Berry Shakes Recipes

Ditch those weird sugary smoothies and replace them with one of these protein packed berries shakes. They are nutritious, delicious and the best part super easy to prepare. What all you need is some scoops of your favorite berry or vanilla flavored protein powders and any one of these recipes.
The main stars of these berry shakes recipes are blueberries and strawberries and for some good reasons. Blueberries and strawberries offer a right dose of Vitamin A, B and K and they are also rich in magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Therefore enjoy these berry shakes if you really want a healthy and muscle building treat.
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Best 9 Protein Shakes

Wild Berry Shake

Take two scoops of whey protein, eight raspberries, fifteen blueberries, four strawberries and 2 cups of milk and blend them with a handful of ice.

Strawberry Savior Shake

Take four scoops of vanilla whey protein, one cup of water, one cup of strawberry Greek yogurt, three frozen or fresh strawberries, one scoop of creatine, and one tea spoon of flaxseed oil and blend them in blender.

Strawberry Energy Shake

Take one and a half cups of water, ten fresh or frozen strawberries, half tea spoon of vanilla extract, one table spoon of flaxseed oil, and one scoop of protein and blend them. Add a natural and healthy sweetener and a handful of ice if you like.

Vanilla Strawberry Shake

Take two scoops of protein powder, one handful of ice, one tea spoon of vanilla extract, half banana and two to three fresh or frozen strawberries and blend them in blender.

Strawberry Nut Shake

Take two scoops of vanilla protein, one cup of fat free strawberry Greek yogurt, four strawberries, and six chopped macadamia nuts and blend them together.

Strawberry Cheesecake Shake

Take one and a quarter cups of water, 8 frozen or fresh strawberries, four table spoons low fat sour cream, one scoop of strawberry or vanilla protein. Add a sugar free sweetener for taste.

Double Berry Shake

Take two scoops of protein, four large sized strawberries, a handful of blueberries, half cup of water and a handful of ice. Blend all ingredients and add non sugar sweetener if you like.

Blueberry Dream Shake

Take one scoop of protein, one and a quarter cup of water, half cup of frozen or fresh blueberries, two tea spoon of flaxseed oil, add a little bit of sweetener for taste.

Cream and Berries Shake

Take a scoop of vanilla protein, one handful of ice, a small can of pineapple juice, a handful of mixed berries and blend them together.
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Diet Strategy for 6 Pack Abs

Fat Loss and 6 pack abs needs clean and nutritious diet at the same time. When it is summer, most of us think to start on transition of body. Most start struggle that ends up with frustration and not much success. Achieving 6 pack abs is something more than effort and commitment. Your diet strategy must be right.
When your approach failed in any way, it will send you back and you will never realize the true success. So always follow the appropriate strategy and then get into the hard work. With this combination, you will get the success to achieve that dreaming body physique. Here are those factors to consider before you get into the struggle.

Food You Eat

When you aren’t watching what you eat, achievement will get away from you. Gather group of individual who achieved 6 pack abs and discover their success factor. I challenge 90 percent of them will state DIET. Indeed it is really important.

Calories Intake

Calculating calorie intake is paramount. Most of us begin on fat loss program start losing fat at around intake of 13 calories per pound with 3 to 5 days a week workout; however do not be surprised if as you go further you need to bring this near to 9 to 10 calories of fat per pound.
With lower fat levels, our body fights harder for 6 pack abs . At such lower point, it is good to calorie cycle between lower levels and gradually higher them to ensure that metabolism of your body does not crash. Put few more calories as well carbohydrates on heavy workout days and lower them again on rest days.

Protein Intake

Then comes protein that must be kept at high. Protein boost our metabolic rate and prevent lean muscle mass that usually accompanies low calorie diets and keep hunger pangs at bay. With 9 calories per pound intake, you will be glad to have extra protein content.


Carbohydrate is the most discussed nutrient in abs and fat loss world. Cycling it is very effective because when you lower the body it burn more fat and you will reduce water retention to make it appear leaner. Carbohydrates are important for some days. Too low carbohydrates will drop energy level, increase cravings and resting metabolic will become plummeting. At least 25 to 50 grams of carbohydrates is necessary before and after workout on hard days. Never overlook low calorie carbohydrates source like vegetables.


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