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Healthiest Foods for Your Family

We have heard of Superman and super woman too and nowadays we hear a lot about ‘superfoods’. So what are these super foods? They are basic foods with lot more health benefits. Presenting a list of internationally acclaimed superfoods that we should always stack in our refrigerators.

1. Pomegranate:

Why: It’s only is full of antioxidants but helps improves heart health, lowers the risk of cancer, improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure and is packed with dietary fibre, potassium plus vitamins B,C& K.
How to eat: Eat them just as it is or add them to your juices, salads, raitas, smoothies & cakes.

2. Broccoli:

This vegetable has recently invaded our supermarket and has got a wide acceptance across. For a small amount of calories, it provides high amount of nutrition.
Why: It also lowers the risk of cancer, prevents high cholesterol, fights obesity, prevents dehydration, helps reduce weight, enhances healthy complexion, excellent in improving bone health, improves digestion and prevents chronic diseases. It is packed with fibre, protein, Vitamins A, C & K along with good amount of calcium.
How to eat: Make a super delicious cream soup, stir fry it, use it in parathas just like cauliflower, use it as a pizza toppings, use it in pasta or simply use it in your salads.

3. Omega 3 rich Fatty Fish:

Fishes like Sardines, Mackerel, salmon & trouts are a great source of omega 3 fatty oils.
Why: They are good for eyes, prevents heart ailments, reduces arthritis, prevents cancer & improves concentration. They contain Vitamins A, D& B as well as a good source of protein.
How to eat: Frying kills the nutritional value, so it is best had stewed or baked.

4. Cinnamon:

It is not just a superfood but a super spice as it has loads of benefits.
Why: Helps controls sugar levels as well as cholesterol, is anti bacterial, anti inflammatory and also anti fungal. Has high fiber, manganese & calcium.
How to eat: Use it in your tea and coffee, sprinkle on salads, desserts & breads.

5. Ginger:

Indian cooking is incomplete without ginger.
Why: Helps in digestion, cures nausea & vomiting, anti- inflammatory, reduces the risk of cancer & cures sore throat.

6. Banana:

one half peeled banana
Why: Rich source of calcium, dietary fiber, helps combat depression, provides instant energy, increases bone density & bowel motion, helps in digestion & fight type II diabetes. Also contains Vitamins B6 & C, manganese, potassium & protein.

7. Oats:

Why: Good source of fiber, provides instant energy, most effective in reducing cholesterol, packed with unique antioxidants which helps prevent heart diseases, controls blood sugar, boosts immunity & reduces the risk of cancer. It contains protein, manganese, Vitamin B1, magnesium & phosphorus.
How to eat: simply eat as a porridge, make upma, use it in idli & dosa batter, mix in cookie, biscuit & cake dough.

8. Capsicum:

Simla mirch as we dearly call it.
Why: good for the immunity & skin as it has high antioxidants, Vitamins A, B6, E & C, prevents heart diseases, helps control sugar levels, helps in reducing the chances of getting cataract. Good source of folic acid & Sulphur.
How to eat: Use it raw in salads to get maximum benefits, add it as a pizza topping, stir fry it, use it in noodles, pastas & fried rice.

9. Tomato:

Why: Rich in antioxidants like lycopene & fights cancer. It is good for your heart, helps reduce blood pressure and improves digestion & skin. Good source of Vitamins C, B6, K & E, Folic acid & beta carotene.


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