9 Months: Don’t Let Dancing be a Thing of the Past


Guest Post: Is Dancing Safe during Pregnancy?

If dancing is something that you enjoyed the most while in school or college then pregnancy can be the perfect time to rekindle your passion for it. Even doctors nowadays suggest that pregnant women should indulge in at least 30 minutes of exercise on most days of the week.
Dancing can come to your rescue if you are not very keen to join yoga sessions or go out on walks. As is well known, dancing is an excellent way to keep yourself healthy, flexible and stress free, and these benefits don’t fizzle out even at the time of pregnancy.
The very first thing you need to do is to talk to your doctor. He will suggest a regimen which will suit your personal needs, based on your health history and condition. In case of a healthy pregnancy, doctors usually recommend continuing pre-pregnancy workout routines except the abs workouts.
Let your dance instructor know beforehand that you are pregnant, so that he/she can come up with more comfortable and less jerky moves for you. He may also change the routine to better fit your needs.
Dancing is becoming increasingly popular among mamas-to-be these days as it brings with it numerous health benefits. Remember, your lifestyle joy would be amplified if you dance at every given opportunity, irrespective of your pregnancy status.

Health Benefits Of Dancing for Pregnant Women


Keeps You Flexible & Agile

It is very important to maintain a flexible body at the time of pregnancy. Having regular dance sessions increases muscle elasticity and enhances mobility. Stress and anxiety subside, liberating you from self-judgment.

Toning up of Muscles

Embracing various dance forms helps toning your muscles and keeps your body in shape. Of course, pregnancy during its course induces necessary changes in the body but your muscles don’t spread out viciously.

Ballet for instance, is extremely useful in keeping you in shape, toughening up your body to regular work outs.

Blood Circulation

Dancing also regulates blood circulation level, thereby keeping your heart and lungs healthy during pregnancy. Stretchy movements and body flow ensure controlled body temperature necessary for baby development.

Great Alternative to Conventional Exercising

Pregnancy often makes you lethargic and inactive. Dancing is great for those who are not very excited to adopt yoga or hit the gym during these 9 months. Perhaps this is the time, when you need to be the most active.

Promotes Bonding

Dancing increases the flow of Oxytocin hormone, which improves your bonding with the baby and shortens labor.

Fun & Enjoyment

Nothing like dance to maintain your fitness levels the fun way. Welcome your baby to this world with loads of smile and enjoyment.

Baby Steps Cardio Dance Pregnancy Workout

You will love this cute baby steps Belly Dance Workout.
Belly Dance Workout for Pregnant Women (What to Expect when Expecting: Heidi Murkoff)
Do this in breaks and warm up your body before you start. A simple walk for 5 minutes is enough warm-up during pregnancy. Skip the steps like bouncing if you feel uncomfortable.

Tips to Safely Dance through your Pregnancy

You can follow your normal dance routine during pregnancy but be wary of a few things –

Warm up Your Body

A warm up spell before the actual workout prepares your body for exercises, thereby reducing the strain on your joints and muscles. It will build up your heart rate gradually, and will slow it down afterwards.
You can go for dancing at low intensity to warm up your body. Simultaneously, you can resort to some natural products for muscle relaxation.

Be Gentle

Low-impact exercises, which involve keeping one foot on the floor all the time, are considered ideal at this time. They reduce the unwanted pressure on your joints and muscles. With growing pregnancy, you may find it harder to maintain your balance. Slow down when your body signals and never force yourself into a position.

Try Suitable Dance Forms

Jazz, Samba, Ballroom dancing, Salsa (minus the lifts), are best suited for staying in shape during pregnancy. Belly dancing is another great way to exercise as it uses your tummy and trunk muscles, keeping the back flexible.

Dance forms like Hip-hop, Tap dancing, Urban and street dance need to be avoided as they include movements which are too jerky and therefore not suitable for a pregnant woman. Basically, try to avoid any form of dance which is strenuous or forceful.

Keep Yourself Nourished

Make it a point to carry a water bottle with you to your dance class and drink plenty of it before, after and during the sessions.

Also, ensure that you consume enough calories throughout the day to complement your level of physical activity. Resort to a well-balanced diet, containing enough superfoods like nuts and seeds. Include foods that are rich in proteins, calcium and iron with fibrous base. Salads and watery fruits also help to maintain the fluid levels.

Careful Selection of Gadgets:

Try not to accessorize yourself with needless gadgets. Emergency devices are fine; however Cell phones, Bluetooth headphones and iPODs should be avoided. They often interfere with your routine and take away your attention from the task on hand. You obviously want to feel energetic the dancing way and that is without being disturbed. Isn’t it?

Choice of Place

Practice dancing at a place that’s well-ventilated. It let’s air to flow continually and prevents exhaustion. Tiredness and fatigue can often be felt while dancing. More so when you get carried away with a great number and you overdo the steps.
Remember, Pregnancy is the time to connect with yourself and your baby. Feeling of anxiety and stress should essentially be replaced with positivity and feel-good vibes. Let these nine months to be the most joyous time you ever had.
Adding that flute and jig would only help!


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