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How to Stay Healthy and Young Post-pregnancy: The Secret Tips!

When I was pregnant for the first and second time, nothing much was flourishing except my baby bump. There was nothing abnormal about my weight back then. But, my baby bump was pretty noticeable and it resembled a watermelon, a big one! All I put was a 15 KG extra weight during breastfeeding as I was advised by Dr. Shama Kulkarni (Pediatric Dietitian and Lactation Expert) that a new mom should eat fat-rich foods (with a balanced diet) for a healthy baby.
There is nothing to worry about this extra weight. You can shed it soon following few simple tricks. Truly speaking, if something helped me get rid of my extra weight was some fresh and healthy juices. They really worked wonders during my pregnancy and I still count on them in my everyday regime. These juices are not just prolific for slenderizing but they can help you get a robust body and take care of your hair and skin as well. Strength, revitalization, health and beauty – everything is in a single glass of the juice!
The Indian moms often overlook their health hiding behind the excuses like raising the kids takes a hell of a time and all. So, with some disciplined routine, you can defy your age and stay fabulous like in the pre-pregnancy phase. Just one Glass of Juice a day and that’s it. Keep trying the variety in Juices as it makes them easy to absorb the nutrients.

Few Notes Here!

a. It’s not for pampering your Taste Buds!

To make them delectable is not the ultimate goal; they will not taste awful but surely we will not add any tastemakers because we treat it as a glass of natural medicine! Remember – No Salt, No Sugar, No Tadka, No spices!

b. Quick and Easy

No boiling, no baking, it’s simple and quick as we are going to take these daily and moms are busy!

c. Every Single Day!

Never ditch the routine of having a glass of juice every day. Take them in front of your kids to show them that everything you intake is not going to be tasty. We eat to stay healthy and not pamper our taste buds! This is the message we should teach our kids every day.

d. You got to Exercise

Go along with this with an effective abs workout regime and you will be in your dream shape in just a few months. Yes, few months as no wonders happen overnight, especially if we are talking about health and aesthetic values. Discipline and dedication is the key to regain the youth and get a toned body.

e. Take it Seriously

This is NOT a ‘Hypothetical, dreamy, one-time trial, attractive only to read’ article! I have done this 2 times in my life, you too can. sapana second time before and after

sapana first time before and after

f. Care for Your Joints

Around 90% of Indian women suffer from the Knee pain, back pain, joint pain or Anemia at the age of 40-45 or during their middle age. It’s because they do not take their health and weight seriously in their 30s. So, if you love and care for yourself, gear up today!

g. Natural Medicine

The reason to do this is the food we eat daily – over-cooked, spiced and all doesn’t provide us the enough nutrients. Drink this glass of natural medicine daily to satisfy the everyday nutrient cravings of your body.
For each juice, We will wash the veggies, and dip them in boiling water (we will not cook it on heat).

spinach tomato in boiling water

The reason behind it is, the raw veggies are not safe due to pesticides. Little cooking (i.e. dipping in boiling water) will make them easy to digest. We will add the congenial ingredients e.g. Spinach is best taken with Tomato as the nutrients from spinach are absorbed more when taken with Tomato. Same goes for Amaranth.

Benefits: These Juices Will Help You in

1. Iron Booster: Women need Iron!
2. Weight Loss: Fibrous
3. Hydrating: Beautiful Skin
4. Vitamin and Mineral Rich

Weight Loss Juices for Indian Mothers

1. Spinach Tomato

spinach tomato juice

Add 1 bowl of spinach leaves and one tomato sliced in 4 pieces to a bowl of boiling water, let the mixture cool down, simply blend it and strain it.


This is bit tangy so, not very difficult to drink. Use a strong blender (I useWonderChef Blender, its small and strong) otherwise, the pulp will be more and nutrients will be lesser in liquid.

2. Lauki/Dudhi/Bottle gourd + Amla/Lemon

dudhi juice

Peel lauki, take only soft flesh, remove the inner core which is porous and contains seeds, add the pcs to boiling water in a bowl, rest it and let it cool. When it cools down, add lemon/amla juice. You may use Amla juice from Patanjali (Yes I am a big fan of Patanjali Products) or Fresh Lemon Juice and then blend and strain.

3. Wheatgrass

The best is to grow your own wheat grass in 7 trays, else buy a wheatgrass powder.

4. Lemon Ginger Cucumber

cucumber ginger lemon juice

We don’t cook any of these ingredients. Simply peel 2 cucumbers, slice them in small pcs, add small slice of ginger, lemon juice and simply blend and strain.

5. Beetroot + Carrot

beetroot carrot juice

Well, here comes something healthy and yummy. Peel and cut one small beetroot and one carrot, add them to boiling water in a bowl, cool it down and then blend and strain. Voila!

6. Amaranth Leaves + Tomato

amaranth tomato juice

One of super nutritious Indian green leafy vegetable is Amaranth. Amaranth is called as Cholai, Marsa, Matth and Thotakoora in India. Red Amaranth Leaves are healthier than the greens. It is full of Iron. The deficiency of Iron in a human body causes a range of health issues and it’s better to keep them adding inside to repel the diseases and attract vigorousness. Here, the procedure is exactly same as that of Spinach.

7. French Beans +Carrots + Tomatoes

French beans are power packed with calcium. Add chopped French beans, cut carrots and tomatoes to boiling water, rest and let it cool down. Try to use the fresh and young beans as the dark green and grown up beans will not get blended easily and we will waste nutrients in the pulp.

When you follow a specific life Mantra, you proceed towards the path of beauty, health and strength. A perfect shape doesn’t come for nothing. Your food is not a therapy that you love; it’s the fuel to keep you moving. The best solutions for our beauty and health are hidden in the lap of nature itself. Why search them in the medicine stores? Try these 7 magical juices to stay alive and kicking even after your pregnancy. All you need a bit of dedication to drive the attention of the people around you. Are you up for it?


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