7 TV Shows That Help Stimulate Brain in Babies


Educational TV shows for Babies and Toddlers

Have you ever wondered about the bizarre behaviors of the cute toddler in your home? What exactly is making the difference in his communication and activities? Well, the fingers can definitely be pointed towards your TV screen and, for all good reasons. Accept it or not, the screen time has a huge impact on a kid’s brain and he starts behaving like whatever he watches the most on the screen. A control over the screen time is strictly needed by all the parents to help their kid’s mental growth in a positive manner.
Television or the internet can’t be blamed totally for the ill mental development of the kids nowadays. The busy regime of the parents allows the kids to see whatever they like and the consequences are pretty obvious. The right television shows for kids can indeed influence the IQ level of your kid and make him smarter every day. Here is the list of top 7 tv shows for kids to stimulate their brains.

Best 7 Cartoon Shows for Kids below 2 Years to Help Brain Development

Mickey Mouse ClubHouse

mickey mouse clubhouse

Image Credit DisneyJunior.disney.in

Who doesn’t love Mickey? But the reason we have Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on top of our list is not only because of its popularity but because of its easiest and interactive way to educate its little audience. The way Mickey, Donald, Minnie and other cartoon characters talk in the show i.e. slowly, in easy words, very expressive and with colorful pictures is wonderful for babies and toddlers. They teach your child in interactive way. They encourage your child to respond to their questions. Little stories and the subjects of those stories are perfect for little kids below 2 years.

Dora – The Explorer

dora the explorer

Image Credit: www.nickjr.com

When someone says entertainment with learning, how can one overlook Dora – The Explorer show on Nickelodeon? The beautiful journey of the inspiring and fun show started in the year 2000 and aired till 2012 winning the hearts of millions of kids and helping them evolve as smart teens. The show offered a visual treat of the adventurous journey of the cute Hispanic Dora along with her monkey friends. The best part of the show was a fun question from Dora’s end and waiting for the response. This part has always kept millions of toddlers and kids held in front of the screen and motivated them to come up with the right or suitable response to Dora’s questions. Dora – The Explorer has taken the channel’s popularity to a totally new level.



Image Credit : Usa.Teletubbies.com

Teletubbies is among the best shows for the babies and pre-school toddlers who need learning through fun visuals and activities. The Ragdoll Production’s creative show started in the year 1997 and ran till 2001. The immense popularity of the show encouraged the makers to come up with more innovative content and as a result, they commenced the new series of the show in 2015 which is still fascinating the kids, in this digitally superior arena. The show is inspiring and multicultural and therefore it needs to be on every parent’s radar. You will love to see your baby laughing at the cute funny actions of Teletubbies. The show was made for babies and toddlers.

Sesame Street

muppets of sesame street2

Image Credit www.sesamestreet.org

The furry monster muppets of Sesame Street are loved by all kids. This Award winning American TV series teaches babies and toddlers about counting etc. in colorful way. Elmo the Red Furry Muppet is most popular of all characters of this show. This Cartoon show is very safe for kids and even you will love to watch the smiling characters of Sesame Street with your child.

Handy Manny

handy manny

Image Credit DisneyJunior.disney.in

This Disney Junior American-Canadian TV series is about Manny, who owns a repair shop in Sheetrock hills. According to me the best 2 features of this show are, Manny’s tools which are interactive and the slogan “You break it, We fix it”. Your baby may not understand what is going on in the show but the talking tools are funny to watch and the way Manny talks to his clients is educational for your little one.

Clifford The Big Red Dog

Clifford big red dog

Image Credit PBSKids.org

How to accept the challenges and survive with fun on an island? The Clifford the big red dog show has taught a great lesson to the kids and toddlers since its inception in the year 2000. The show was among the top rated inspiring kid’s shows airing on Television during 2000-2003. The 30 minutes of adventurous episodes of the giant red dog is definitely something that every parent wants his/her baby/toddler to have a look at. The animated TV series is actually based on the popular books by Norman Bridwell with the same name.

Barney and Friends


Image Credit Play.Barney.com

Sheryl Leach’s Barney and friends was a hit kid’s TV series in the 90’s. The entertaining show started in 1992 with a cute plot having an adorable purple dinosaur – Barney and his friends who are creative enough to justify any character like pilot or pirate. The high-energy dance moves of the cute characters in the show are very much contagious and can make any kid or toddler fall for the show. The playful activities, fabulous grooves and the entertaining transition of Barney into different characters make the show worth watching again and again. The primary focus of the kid-friendly show is to help the kids and toddlers achieve an attitude of solving various problems with fun, creativity, and ease.

Television is full of prolific as well as creepy things nowadays. It’s the parents’ choice of shows for kids and toddlers and the screen timing which decide the level of mental growth in their kids. Studies say that too much Television or gadget exposure can degrade the mental growth process of a kid and unexpected behaviors and skills find inception. If you want to bestow your kid with some good and brainy shows that offer entertainment as well as learning as a treat to the toddler – you got a big buffet to choose. The science behind ‘the recipe to make kids sharper’ is not that complex. All you need to do is serve the right menu of tv shows for toddlers and kids at right times to your toddler and a delectable mental growth cuisine is for sure.
Featured Image Credit: NickJR.com


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