7 Signs Your Child Needs a Private Tutor


How to Know if your Child Needs a Private Tutor?

Do you have to nag and yell on your child all the time to do his homework? Do you have a feeling that you are going to war every time when your kid needs to learn something? If your child is frustrated, have problem with grades, homework or attitude, it’s time to search for help. Experts state that hiring private tutor is beneficial to both your child and you. Here are signs that are important to recognize before hiring professional.

Why You need a Private Tutor for Your Child?

1. Bad Time Management

In many cases kids are spending much more time doing their homework than needed. Because of that they don’t have time for other things like socializing, sports or spending more time with family and friends. If your kid spends hours on homework or assignments then hiring private tutor can help overcome this problem. Your kid will learn how to study more efficiently. It is much easier and faster just to ask a question instead of searching for an answer using Google or YouTube. If your kid has all the right answers right in front of him, there is no need to search for them for hours. This way your kid will have much more time for other activities.

2. Attitude Problems

Very often kids have problems with homework or understanding teaching material. Since the classroom is more competitive place than it was, under-performing kid is often marginalized or ridiculed. Because of that they tend to change their behavior, kids get easily frustrated or irritable when you try to talk with them. Therefore, tutor will help your child learn and understand teaching material easier and faster. Once your kid understands teaching material, it will be much less stressed out. Both you and your kid will feel much better.

3. Feeling Stuck

Every child is different with all the strengths and weaknesses. Because of that, every child learns at different pace. Maybe your child is great with dates in history but have problems with math or physics. If your child is struggling with a particular subject, it is clear sign that it needs help. Probably hiring private tutor will benefit your child overcome problems. Whenever your kid doesn’t understand something in particular, it can ask the tutor for help.

4. You Don’t Know the Answer?

Do you know all the answers? Can you help on your own every time? Teaching methods changed significantly in past decade so you will find yourself stuck when your child asks for help. How many times have you learned a lesson before explaining it to your kid? Additional help is always good so don’t hesitate to search for professional. It will save you time and money. After long day at work you will feel much better if you spend some time with your kid instead of learning “Theory of Relativity” once again.

5. Slipping Grades

You know your child and his capabilities. If you have noticed that his grades are declining on last few tests, communicate with him and try to find out what is main problem. Maybe it has hard time understanding latest topics. It’s better to hire a tutor that can pinpoint problem area and help your child overcome that problem. Therefore, your child will improve his grades and feel much better once the problem is gone.

6. Lack of Confidence

Classroom was always competitive place. I bet you can remember the days when your parents forced you to do your homework. If your child is having a problem keeping up and understanding latest topics, it will lose confidence. That can lead to all sorts of other problems and can affect other areas of personal life. Private tutor will boost your kid’s self-esteem. Once your kid understands teaching material, it will have more determination to learn other things as well.

7. Best Feedback

Every teacher is working with many kids. Often, teacher can’t devote enough time for every kid during the class. Moreover, kids are afraid to ask questions when they don’t understand something being afraid that other kids will call them names. Private tutor will overcome this problem because your kid can ask everything not being afraid of being called stupid. Tutor will devote much more time just to your kid so his feedback will help you understand the problem.

How to Recognize Good Private Tutor?

You need to understand that every kid is different. If you hire best tutor you can imagine, maybe your kid will not like him. Therefore, it will still have problem learning. Investigate, call few candidates and consider them together with your child. Try to figure out which one of the potential tutor will provide best help for your child. Of course, check their credentials and ask plenty of questions.

First of all, talk to your child’s teacher and ask openly whether your kid needs a private tuition. If the teacher indicates that it could be beneficial or needed, you know what to do.


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