7 Morning Hacks to Make Your Day Happier


7 Health Habits in Morning To Keep you Active Whole Day

The morning is the most sacred and important time of the day. A good morning routine can be the difference between an excellent day and a terrible day at work. This is because how you act in the morning will determine your mentality for the rest of the day. And this is the mood and mentality which you will be taking with you to the workplace.

7 Simple Hacks For Morning and Make Your Day Full of Energy

Hack 1 – Water

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Water is the foundation of all life. Most of your body is water. The best way to start your morning is with a cup of fresh, natural spring water with a teaspoon of honey and lime in it. This is because of the alkalizing effect it has on the body. When the body is alkaline it is quite difficult for diseases to manifest in any way. Water will wake up your body and kick start its metabolism. It will also rehydrate the body after the night’s sleep.

Hack 2 – Exercise

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The body is not used to eating the minute it wakes. In ancient cultures the food could usually have to be caught, and food would not be eaten until 2-3 hours after rising. Thus your body is more suited to exercising shortly after waking. The most efficient way to get into the habit of morning exercise is by converting your garage into a gym. With the gym so readily available it will be easy to establish a morning routine.Garagegymplanner.com are very effective in helping you choose the material needed to set up your personal gym.

Hack 3 – Shoot the Arrow

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The Japanese bowmen had a ritual of visualizing the arrow hitting it’s mark before it was released. This was later adapted into the morning routines of Japanese individuals. Upon waking visualize the kind of day you want to have. You are “shooting” your visualization into the future where it is more likely to hit it’s mark. An unstrung arrow never hit anything. It is best to take 5 minutes to think about the day you want to have so that it comes into being.

Hack 4 – Stretch

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If exercise is too much the next best thing is to stretch. A short 15 minute stretching routine can work wonders. Whether you have a construction job or an office job there are always areas in the body which do not get enough attention. This is why it is often best to have a stretching system. Yoga is a complete stretching system but may be a little extreme for many individuals. The lower and upper back are areas that should be catered to in any regime, as they are typically hard to stretch and are used extensively in the digital age.

Hack 5 – Supplement

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There are a number of nutritional deficiencies common to all people. The main ones are Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Omega Three, Magnesium and Vitamin D. Supplements can be a quick and easy way to set the mood for the day. Many people report feeling better on the first day of taking a supplement regime. There are also a number of adaptogens which can improve mood for the whole day, such as Ashwaganda, Ginseng and Holy Basil. These natural herbs have no side effects and are harmless alternatives to anti-depressants.

Hack 6 – Affirmations

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Affirmation are positive message which are repeated over and over. An affirmation is basically a mantra or creed to live by. It is good to have a couple of affirmations/mantras and very important that you keep repeating them. As they are repeated they become imbued in the psyche and they are then strongly believed. Choose a good mantra such as “I am happy to be alive” or “I have every I could ever need for fulfillment”. If you really believe this a bad day at the office is not going to knock you off your stride.

Hack 7 – Gratitude

Be grateful for whatever you have at the moment. Cultivating a mindset of gratitude has long been known as the greatest spiritual technique ever revealed. Unless gratitude is mastered life simply becomes one task to be completed after another, one item to attain after the other. There is no end to it and if people do not learn to appreciate what they have they will simply continue to mindlessly amass and accumulate. And they will accumulate everything possible except peace and happiness. Taking a couple of minutes to write down three things you are grateful for can set a positive tone for the day.
Implement these 7 tips into your daily routine and your day will be happier and more peaceful. There is no need to implement them all, even doing one or two correctly will result in massive benefits.


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