7 Funny Pregnancy Myths in India


Interesting Myths about Pregnancy

In India you will hear a lot of funny stuffs about pregnancy. Well pregnancy myths are all over the world. And we ladies love talking about these funny myths. And specially when its about boy or girl, there will be hardly any lady who would not comment on what she thinks looking at you. I think it’s a boy! No it’s a girl!
When I was carrying my second baby, I remember a complete stranger old lady commented while passing by, It’s a boy!!
Well even if it was true, it was totally a coincidence… Lets see some really funny myths about pregnancy.

1. High or Low is Girl or Boy?:

If mother carries low it’s a boy and if mother carries high it’s a girl. Also if your tummy is grown outward in more round shape then it’s a Boy! And if its towards sides then it’s a girl.
One of elderly persons in my family told me the logic behind this myth, They say boys are not as emotionally attached as girls are to their moms. So a girl is hugging her mother in womb and a boy is not. Oh so sweet baby girl. But wait it’s a myth. When my cousin was pregnant looked like having a girl. But she also delivered a baby boy. Surely he is emotionally attached to her.

2. If you have heartburn then baby has dense hair on head.

My sister in law when was carrying her baby girl used to say she feels heartburn hence baby girl. But I have seen bald baby moms having heartburn too..

3. Morning sickness means you have a girl.

If you crave for sweet food then it’s a girl and salty then boy.
Sweet little baby girl loves to eat sweet food!!

4. If mommy craves for some particular food then it indicates deficiency of the nutrition that food provides.
So it must be vitamin C as most of moms crave for sour food. 😉

5. This is my favorite myth: If your nose swells then it’s a girl.

Come on! I had funny big nose during both my pregnancies and I have 2 sons.

6. Pregnant woman should stay indoors during solar eclipse.

I like this myth. Mommy needs to rest a lot then why not during solar eclipse? Let her rest… 😉

7. Glow on your face

Glow indicates it’s a boy and if you look dull then it’s a girl. My mother once told me the old-logic behind this. A baby girl takes all beauty hormones from her mommy during pregnancy and a boy obviously doesn’t require that much of beauty. 😀

Playing guess games of baby boy or girl is just for fun!


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