7 Foods to Make Your Child More Intelligent


Super Foods to Boost Brain Power in Kids and Babies

Most common question in all mothers’ minds is probably how can i improve my child’s brain and memory power. Babies and kids already make their moms run after them for sufficient food in take on top of it worry about balanced diet is always there. In any case a child must get enough most important nutrients for their developing brains.

Here are the nutrients rich foods which are best for developing brains:

almonds for baby
You will probably hear it from any one you talk about brain power booster food with. Almonds are one of top 10 healthiest foods on earth. Almonds are rich in proteins, vitamin B6 and E. They contain mineral zinc which is an antioxidant protecting damage of brain cells. Almonds also contain Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and magnesium (Magnesium is good for brain nerves). Every morning give your child almonds soaked overnight.

Their shape indicates they are made for brain! Walnuts are very good source of Omega-3 fatty acids (particularly alph-linolenic acid) which is used to produce DHA. Walnuts are also source of ellagic acid an antioxidant which prevents brain cell damage.

avocado for baby
Avocados are excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. Avocados are known for improving blood supply to brain.
As Avocado is introduced in Indian market in recent years, Indians are not yet used to its taste. Kids may not like its taste. My elder son loves it raw, he loves it’s creamy texture while my younger son hates it raw. I add spread it puree on top of a toast and then give it him.

Though Amla is mainly known for improving immunity, hair and skin health, digestion etc. but the antioxidants in Amla are excellent in preventing brain cell damage by free radicals in the body. Amla is rich in iron which is very important nutrient for brain development.

eggs for baby
Eggs are good for whole family! Egg is one of must-to-have on breakfast table everyday. Kids must eat whole egg while adults are advised to eat on whites. An egg yolk contains 200 mg choline which is very essential nutrient for brain development specially for kids of age up to 8 year old. Eggs also provide you folate, iron, vitamin D (enhanced eggs only). DHA fortified eggs are more nutritious.

Fatty fish like salmon (Rawas in India) are wonderful source of omega-3 fatty acids. If fish is regularly included in kids’ diet then it has good effect on brain size (brain mass). It also slows down aging of brain cells. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish help enhancing concentration and memory in kids.
Fish should be included at least once in a week in your child’s diet. Twice a week is best.

Olives contain mono unsaturated fat which helps in oxygen transportation to brain.

Other foods good for brain development in children are oatmeal, raggi/finger millet, blueberries and yogurt.


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  3. Avatar

    Amla has citric acid and these types of food items are not recommended in pregnancy. I have read this in an article. Is that true? Is there any precautions that I need to take while consuming Amla. I know it is beneficial for hair and eyes. But a little confuse, is it safe to eat in pregnancy?

    • Sapana

      Any food in excess is harmful. Amla is safe to eat during pregnancy. In fact its healthy. You might have read about its excess consumption due to pregnancy cravings.

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