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Guest Post: Foods to Keep Baby’s Teeth and Gums Healthy

Baby teeth are cute, small, but also vulnerable. By the age of three, the baby teeth appear and sets a precedence on how their “replacements” also known as permanent teeth will look in the mouth. Oral hygiene is important for baby teeth just as much as it is for adult teeth. What’s a parent to do when toothpaste, even when it’s formulated for baby teeth, gets swallowed instead of scrubbed on teeth? Answer: Provide them with foods that support their children’s dental health, of course.

Not all foods are created equal. Some are helpful in keeping dental cavities at bay while others fortify the enamel. These are some foods that can be incorporated into their diet so that they keep their teeth healthy.

Teeth and Gums Friendly Foods

1. Raw, Fibrous Fruits and Vegetables

fruits in monsoon
These foods are crisp and will require a lot of chewing. This will neutralize harmful acids by producing saliva. The fiber content can scrub away plaque before it can form.

2. Seeds and Nuts

Rich in vitamins and minerals, they also scrub away plaque similar to fruits and vegetables. They also contain natural fats that protect teeth from cavity-forming bacteria. Most seeds also contain calcium which fortifies tooth enamel.

3. Cheese

Cheese for baby
Cheese specially the unprocessed plain cheese is very healthy for your teeth. The cheese sticks in teeth gaps and neutralizes the harmful sugars.

4. Dairy Products

bowl and milk
Aside from being a natural source of calcium which repairs tooth enamel, they can also stimulate saliva production that keeps harmful acid at bay. Some products are fortified with vitamin D which helps the body absorb calcium better.

5. Green or Black Teas

traditional medicinal organic tea
The polyphenol content of teas help combat bacteria which produce dental cavities. They are also found in coffee and cocoa, but the acidic content and sugar content are counterproductive to good oral health. This food is not healthy for kids even healthy for their teeth (except Cocoa). To be taken by only adults.

6. Fermented Foods

fermented foods
Probiotics can lower the incidence of developing gingivitis and other periodontal diseases, especially with fermented dairy. The beneficial bacteria in these food products limit the growth of harmful ones in the oral cavity.

7. Berries

Cranberries, raspberries, and blueberries are rich in anthocyanins which prevent bacteria from attaching to teeth. They also limit their proliferation in the mouth. Red cabbage, black rice, and eggplant peels are also rich in anthocyanins.

Those food items listed above can help maintain dental health in young children but it is not a substitute for maintaining oral hygiene. Let them have a go with the toothbrush and floss. With practice, they will master the technique and it eventually becomes a habit. Remember to have them visit the dentist at least once a year.

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