7 Cute Ways to Tell Your Husband of Your Pregnancy


How to Tell Your Husband You are Pregnant

Can’t hold on to announce your pregnancy to your husband? When a new and enthralling topic is going to be added to the book of your life, the announcement should also be special. Simply going to your partner and saying or shouting “I am expecting a baby” or “I am pregnant” may not sound exciting to them. You can that moment very special and memorable with cute pregnancy declaration messages and ways.

Pregnancy Declaration Ways: Unique and Memorable

to be parents
These ways will surprise the to-be-dad in very unexpected and adorable way. No idea what was coming to him, he will surprised and happy like never before!

1. Message in Tea Cup / Lunch Box

Well, if you think a lot of things can happen over a cup of tea or coffee then you are absolutely right. Let him know that his life is going to change soon with an adorable oriented message written on his tea/coffee mug’s bottom. He may jump with excitement after the last sip. The same thing can be done with his lunch box. The last bite of that meal long with loads of joy!

2. Hide the Pregnancy Test (Home Pregnancy Test Strip)

pregnancy test kit
Thinking of something off-beat? Well, you can hide the pregnancy test. When your husband will notice this gesture, he may grin seeing the hundreds of things that your eyes are hiding but your lips are curious to open up. The hiding places could be wardrobe, under the pillow, inside his novel. Etc..

3. Surprise Baby Kit Delivery

Imagine a knock at the door or doorbell rings and you ask your husband to open the door. A delivery boy is there with a newborn baby items in a box. Your husband collects it and opens it and finds newborn baby clothes n essentials inside. How exciting can be the situation?

4. Send a Beautiful Card in Office

People often try to keep their professional and personal life separate but knowing about the best ever thing in life for the first time in office can match no other pleasure on this earth. You can write a cute message with some graphics and personalized design on a captivating card mentioning your pregnancy and send it to your husband while he is in his office. Or even a scrap book or a photo album with the last photo of just baby feet at end… As soon as he will read the card/book/album, he will forget all his stress and worries. Be ready for dozens of messages and frequent calls from him that day!

5. Hide the Ultrasound Report

If you want to surprise your husband all of a sudden when he is planning to go out or heading to his office then you can hide the ultrasound report in his bag or closet. So that when he opens it to get his personal stuff, he will suddenly know that his family is going to grow soon. You can do the same with a clearly visible photo frame at home.

6. A Photo Slideshow Video

There are plenty of Android Apps available at Play Store that help in creating beautiful slideshow videos. The first few photos can be the beautiful memories of your love life and suddenly one photo of a cute baby, or baby feet or a message like “Hi Daddy” will pop up and surprise him. (Scoompa Videos App is pretty easy and cool. I personally use it)

7. Present him a parenting book

Last but not the least; you can go for gifting him a parenting book. He won’t take more than a moment to realize that he is going to be a proud daddy soon.
Pregnancy announcement to the partner should be memorable. You can give your husband one of the best moments of his life by being creative with your delivery news. So, what are you planning to-be momma?


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