7 Common Baby Food Mistakes That Will Cost You a Bomb


Baby Foods for below 1 yr old: What NOT to Feed

Ask any parent what’s the toughest task of parenting, and you’re likely to hear “feeding” as the answer. The biggest worry of a parent is if the kid is eating enough or not. Since physical and mental development starts at a very young age, parents being concerned is totally acceptable. But unfortunately, due to this nagging fear, a lot of parents end up feeding apparent “nutritious foods” to their babies, which causes a lot of trouble. Here are such seven mistakes that parents do which is quite pricey for them in one or the other way.

7 Foods to Avoid for Babies below 1 year old

1. Cow Milk

Cow milk is healthy, agreed. It is full of essential vitamins such as B12 and minerals such as calcium, which is why many parents give their infants cow milk. However, it is not recommended, as cow milk is comparatively harder to digest. Therefore, buffalo milk should be your best pick for all lactose feeding. But, make sure your baby isn’t lactose intolerant. A lot of parents fail to grasp the signs, and the baby ends up having diarrhea and stomach ailments.

2. Honey

Honey is one of the foods that is incredibly healthy, as it has antioxidant properties that can help your improve your immune system. It is also good for your digestive system. This would make you think, “Why, then, is it harmful to my baby?” Well, honey can cause botulism in infants, due to the botulinum spores that are abundant in honey. Adults can deal with the bacteria, but infants will have a hard time with such infections.

3. Imbalanced Diet

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You should always give a healthy amount of fiber, carbs and all the essential nutrients to your kid. The nutritional value of the food they consume everyday plays an important role in their physical as well as mental growth. Always balance your kid’s diet with a liberal dose of veggies like spinach, oranges, chicken, fish, eggs and diary products for a dose of needed fat.

4. Junk Food and Street Food

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Junk is called junk for a reason. Do you know that binge eating junk food is the primary cause of child obesity? Therefore, banish away all that high-end pricey junk food that has zero nutritional value. Avoid caffeinated drinks and artificial flavors and sweeteners at all costs. And coming to the street food, yeah we agree that they taste excellent, but they aren’t hygienic at all, which can lead to some severe stomach infections.

5. Food Allergies

A lot of parents fail to identify food allergies. Most food allergies are mild, and sometimes there wouldn’t even be any signs. However, when there are symptoms such as constant vomiting and diarrhea, it could be confused with dehydration or stomach infections too. But food allergies shouldn’t be ignored. They can be fatal. Should you spot any rashes, wheezing, swelling of the tongue and throat, rush your kid to the doctor.

Foods Known to Cause Allergy in Babies:


6. Picky Eating

Parents always complain about this, don’t they? But do you know that parents unknowingly plant this habit in children? We usually give bland food to kids, as it is easy to digest. However, parents tend to continue the same diet for a long time. This is what makes children picky about their food, and they usually tend to not choose bland and plain food. So, it is advised to always keep the variation in food.

7. Constant Snacking

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Donuts, sweets, and such treats are okay once in a while. But snacking constantly isn’t, especially on unhealthy food. Although it is recommended to have food at intervals, snacking on unhealthy food will kill the appetite, followed by sugar crash and accumulation of unhealthy fat in your child. Instead of all the unhealthy stuff, nuts, vegetables, and fruits can be a healthy choice of snacks. Or, dig into some healthy recipes and whip up some tasty snacks for your tot.

Along with all of these, you need to make sure you are following healthy food habits. Your kids learn everything from you. Bring them to the table to eat with the whole family rather than making them eat alone in their high chair. Keeping all the above in check will not only help you in making your child learn healthy habits but also will go easy on your pocket!


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    Some mothers don’t what to feed their baby when he/she refuses to have milk and they can make mistakes when feeding the wrong food to their child. Taking care of a child requires many rules and we need to follow them .

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      Very true. Thanks for the valuable comment.
      Its better to educate ourselves before learning from own mistakes.

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