7 Baby Wraps and Slings that are Loved by Babies


Comfortable Baby Slings to Buy Online in India

Baby Sling are in use from ancient times. They are most basic Baby carriers.
A new born doesn’t like hard baby carriers or strollers so usually slings are used for first 3 months to carry baby in and out of house.
A baby sling/wrap gives baby a posture like in mom’s womb and also allows mom’s warmth to pass to baby. Its like carrying your baby in arms but in safer and more comfortable way.
Here is a list of adorable baby slings for your little one that are safe, durable and stylish.


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Selected Baby Carriers: Wraps and Slings for Indian Babies

Soft Baby Breastfeeding Carrier

The soft and breathable baby sling provides sufficient comfort to the mom and baby. It offers a great support to the fragile hip, head and spine of the baby. The blend of cotton and spandex lasts long and bears significant amount of weight. It’s a great product for skin-to-skin care and breastfeeding.

Baby Sling with Elastic Opening

The sling has been innovatively designed to save the time and efforts of an on-the-go momma. It can be easily worn and the elastic opening helps a mom place her baby easily in the sling and do the household chores seamlessly. The safety harness adds value to the product.

UV Blocking Baby Sling

Big slings can be bizarre for a new born. They need special care and this UV blocking stretchable material made sling is perfect for outdoor carrying. The innovative product provides evenly distributed weight on both the shoulders so that a mom or dad can carry the baby for a long time. The product has adjustable band on the back for extra support.

Stretchy Baby Sling Wrap Carrier

The soft and stretchy baby carrier keeps your baby close to you so that you can always look after him and kiss his cute cheeks anytime. The breathable cotton pampers the sensitive skin of the little one. You will experience equal load on both the shoulders wearing the sling.

Multi-functional Baby Care Sling

The product offers a great proximity to the little one. It offers a great support to the back of the baby so that he doesn’t slump and breathe without any trouble. The front-facing baby carrier dries very quickly.

Adjustable and Soft Baby Carrier Wrap

It’s a simple yet strong baby carrier made of soft fabric. You can easily adjust the carrier for optimum safety. Your baby can comfortably sit or sleep in the carrier wrap.

Colorful Padded Ring Baby Carrier

The padded ring baby carrier is a stylish and comfortable sling for babies. The ring not just makes the sling easy-to-wear but helps you adjust it in a tailored way. You can avail a strong stitching and soft fabric buying the product. The built-in pocket in the sling is a bonanza.
Infants are undoubtedly notorious. They have a tendency to cry anytime; sometimes, without any reason. It becomes difficult to keep an eye on the new born and manage the household at the real-time. Leaving your baby in a stroller or on bed for a long time is also risky.
The innovatively designed baby carrier wraps/slings cut down on your worries and bring your little one close to you even during light house chores activities like folding laundry. If you are a new and busy momma then these wonderful slings/wraps can be wonderful picks for you.


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