50+ Most Beautiful Spanish Baby Girl Names


Selected Short and Sweet Spanish Baby Girl Names

Spanish is the language of love with a little pizzaz. It is the perfect blend of a European language with a dash of spice. Spanish words flow like chocolate sauce on a hot plate brownie. They sizzle and add sweetness to life. Therefore, it is abundant with beautiful words which make fantastic names for your baby. Earlier, we handpicked the top 50 short and sweet Spanish names for Baby boys. Now, we have uncovered and compiled over 50 short and sweet Spanish names for baby girls.

Handpicked 50+ Short and Sweet Spanish Baby Names for Girls

1. Adelina

Adelina means noble. This name has deep origins in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian.

2. Adella

Adella is nobility. It has German origins. The humble yet rich name is fit for a little princess.

3. Adoria

Just as cute as it sounds! Adoria means adorable. It is well-suited as a name for the little one you adore so much.

4. Alanza

Lookin for a fierce name for our baby girl? Alanza is the name you are looking for! It means ready for battle. Let your baby girl take on the world with this fearless name.

5. Alegria

A perfect name for the one who brings happiness to your life, Alegria means joy and happiness.

6. Alfonsa

Another noble name from the Spanish. Alfonsa is a sweet name which signifies nobility.

7. Almira

Unlike what it means in Hindi, Almira means princess in Spanish. It is an amazing name for the girl who rules your world.

8. Alonsa

Alonsa is for the feisty little one who also knows how to charm. It means nobility as well as a warrior ready for battle.

9. Alvera

This is a ver popular name worldwide. Alvera means speaker of truth.

10. Amora

Amora is one of the most beautiful words in the Spanish language. It means love. It is one of the most meaningful names a girl can have.

11. Angelita

Angelita means an angel, a messenger. It is a very religious and spiritual name.

12. Aurelia

Aurelia simply means gold. It is a very exotic and posh name for your baby girl.

13. Bonita

Bonita is an amazing name for a girl. It means pretty little one, something your daughter will always be for you.41

14. Briza

Briza meaning beloved is an adorable name which is lovely to hear and well suited for our baby.

15. Chalina

A delicate name for the delicate one, Chalina which means rose, is certainly a strong name to consider.

16. Chita

Chita means creation and conception. It is a very deep and spiritual name.

17. Cira

Cira means lady-like.

18. Coco

Coco is one the most popular Spanish names across the world. It means coconut.

19. Concetta

This name has Italian roots. It means pure.

20. Cruzita

Cruzita symbolyses alittle cross.

21. Daria

Another well known Spanish name is Daria. It means rich, opulent and wealthy. The name even has Greek origins.

22. Delicia

Delicia means charming and delightful. It is a very positive name for a girl.

23. Devera

This name has Greek origins and means task-oriented.

24. Dinora

This name with Hebrew origins means avenged and vindicated.

25. Dreena

This name signifies the defender of mankind.

26. Eldora

Eldora is an elegant name which means gilded and golden. It is a very artistic name.

27. Eloisa

Eloisa is a name fit for a warrior. It means famous in war, healthy and strong, everything a parent wants their baby girl to be.

28. Elvita

Elvita signifies truth.

29. Engracia

Just like it sounds, Engracia means graceful.

30. Esma

Esma means emerald.

31. Estrella

Estrella is a very fancy name. It means star, well suited for your little twinkle.

32. Evita

Evita is a name full of life. It means alive and living.

33. Florencia

Florencia is a delicate name which means blooming and flowering.

34. Gezana

Gezana is a abstract name which is a refrence to incarnation.

35. Gracia

Gracia defines pleasing, agreeable beauty.

36. Honoria

Just as it can be inferred readily, Honoria means honor.

37. Iliana

IIiana, meaning light, is one of the most popular names in the world. But ver few are aware of its Spanish origins.

38. Izar

Izar means star. It is a beautifil name for the little star of your life.

39. Jovita

As the name suggests, Jovita means jovial.

40. Karmen

Karmen means a melodious song. It is a wonderful Spanish name for a girl.

41. Kesara

Kesara means youthful. It has Latin origins.

42. Laurita

Laurita is a very elborate and honourable name. It means crowned with laurels.

43. Leala

Leala means faithful and loyal.

44. Leya

Leya means loyalty.

45. Liana

Liana means to bind and twine around. It is another popular Spanish name with French roots.

46. Luisa

Luisa means a famous warrior in Spanish.

47. Melosa

Melosa means sweet. It is a very simple yet meaningful name.

48. Molara

Molara is a holy name which refrences the Virgin Mary.


Neiva means snow.

50. Osana

Osana is a sweet name which signifies health.

51. Palmira

Palmira is a coastal name which means from the city of Plams.

52. Priscila

This is one of the most famous spanish names. It means ancient.

53. Ramira

This elegant name signifies wisdom and fame.

54. Sancia

Sancia means sacred.

55. Savanna

Savanna means from the open plains.

56. Simona

Simona is a religious name which means ‘God is heard’. It has Hebrew origins.

57. Tierra

Tierra signifies the earth.

58. Trini

Trini is a cute Spanish name which means Trinity. It is well suited for a third addition to the family

59. Viviana

Another popular and meaningful name from the Spanish language is Viviana. It mans lively, full of life and alive.

60. Xiomara

This complex name signifies a famous warrior.

61. Zanita

Zanita means god’s gift. It is a beautiful name for a daughter.


Zita is an intricate and wonderful Spanish name which means little rose.

We hope one of these exotic names finds a home in your daughter’s heart. These Spanish baby names are short, easy to pronounce and carry a special meaning All ideal for your perfect little baby girl. Let us know if you wish to add to our list of top 50 Spanish names for baby girls.


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