5 Ways That Make Baby Smarter During Pregnancy


Important Tips a Make an Intelligent Baby

For many couples, having a child presents a peak of their love and unity. Although the process of giving birth is often painful at the end, once the mother is presented with a newborn baby she realizes that it was all worth it. And the journey has just begun, as now both parents have an obligation to raise that baby into an educated person that will be of great use to society in general.
This is not an easy task especially in the times that we are living in, thus serious time has to be invested in this. Also a great number of parents would love that their child becomes a successful person with great academic achievements. And here intelligence plays a great role. Now, we all know that genetics play a great part in intelligence like it does in everything else.
Taking this in consideration, if parents have history of mental conditions then it might directly affect the baby. But does anything else determine intelligence in a baby other than that natural genetics process? According to the recent researches, numerous things that a mother is doing or not doing can affect the intelligence of a baby. So this certainly raised an interest especially in people preparing to be parents, how can they make their baby smarter before it is actually born?
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What should a Mother Avoid during Pregnancy?

Apparently, there is no doubt that at least in some percent parents can actually affect their baby’s intelligence during pregnancy, although it is mostly determined by genetics. As the mother is the one that is carrying a baby, the tips are mostly directed to her though the father plays a great role as well, as peacefulness in the couple’s house is one of the most important things. So, there are few things that a mother should be careful about during pregnancy:

Environmental Pollutants

First and foremost, the couple should seek to live in a healthy environment. It is scientifically proven that kids who were exposed to pollutants in air during the time they were in their mother’s stomach, had a bigger chance of developing mental conditions and autism. Thus, you should seek to keep away from car exhaust, smog and other pollutants that are contained in air as much as possible.

Chronic Stress

The second thing that a mother should keep away from is stress. Stress in pregnant women has been proven to bring a lot of unwanted issues, and it can greatly affect the unborn baby as well. This is mostly related to the emotional stress , especially caused due to some shocks like death in family or relationship breakups. Also, the constant stress that mother might be experiencing during the daily routine can have its effect as well. Because of this both the mother and father should seek to reduce the stress as much as possible. Relaxing for some time every day or practicing low-intensity yoga or aerobics might help. It has also been proven that mother should try to keep away from low mood and depression as that can seriously affect the fetal development.

Bad Dietary Habits

Of course, healthy balanced diet is key to everything. So, a mother should try to cut off greasy as well as refined foods. Meaning that stuff like hot dogs, luncheon meats or refined sugar should be avoided. Also, the mother should see what foods might cause her an allergy reaction, and avoid those as well. As of food storage the mother should opt for glass jars or metal pots, instead of the plastics once, because the released BPA from plastics might affect the baby’s brain in a negative way.

Unhealthy Habits

What is really important is to cut off from smoking, alcohol and even drinking coffee. The nicotine in a cigar has been shown to reduce nutrition in placenta and affect the development of baby’s brain. Also alcohol can affect the size of a brain, and later cause lower IQ, poor attention or cognitive skills as well as memory, especially if mother drinks in heavily on regular basis mother should avoid sugary drinks. And mother should not drink more than two cups a day of caffeinated drinks like coffee, as too much caffeine can cause brain development problems as well. Of course mother should not be user of any kind of narcotics like heroin, cocaine, marijuana etc.

Heavy Use of Prescription Medicine

At the end mother, should not be taking any kind of medication unless it is needed as a part of disease or infection treatment. Medication like ibuprofen, paracetamol and other pain killer drugs can affect the fetal development, mostly targeting the brain area.

Stay Away from Mercury and Foods High in Mercury

Mercury is one of harmful metals for human body. Mercury can damage Nervous system, kidneys and lungs of mother and mainly the baby inside her. You should stay away from the places where mercury vapors could be in air (e.g. chemical industries).
Fish high in mercury are shark, swordfish, king mackerel & tilefish.
Some dental treatments (dental filling) involve use of mercury, so let your dentist know about your pregnancy while on any dental treatment.

Foods High in MSG and Ajinomoto BIG NO NO

Basically is MSG as Ajinomoto contains MSG. MSG can cause damage to nervous system. The free glutamates can reach the brain neurons and may induce them
Make sure the Chinese food is made without use of Ajinomoto, The burgers many times contain MSG and also the ready to eat foods may contain high levels of MSG.

What should a Mother be Doing while Pregnant?

So, there are few ways that a mother can affect the baby’s intelligence during pregnancy:

Maintaining a Healthy Weight

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First of all, a mother should be careful about her weight. So, neither or two extremes are good. If a mother is too skinny and is not including enough calories in her diet, it can be bad for fetal development in general and that can cause certain type of medical conditions in a baby. Also, if a mother is overweight that can result in a difficulty in given birth and it can affect the baby’s brain and IQ. Gaining weight between 20 and 30 pounds has been proven to be ideal.

Eating a Healthy Diet

And the thing that is directly correlated to weight gain is nutrition. So, keeping a healthy and balanced diet is a key. Mother should be opting for foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, like sea foods and fish, as well as for products reach in iron, iodine and calcium. Calcium is necessary for bone development, iron of course providing the blood cells, and iodine apparently has a great effect on one’s brain and IQ according to studies.
You should also seek to include enough Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E in your diet, both through supplements and food as those are supposedly the best memory vitamins. Also a mother should include a variety of vegetable and fruits, and increase egg intake as it contains choline that is good for brain development.

Being Physically Active

Another way that a mother can affect their baby’s brain development is exercising. If a mother exercises at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes, it can greatly improve fetal breathing movements as well as the development of nervous system and of course brain function. The best type of exercise is apparently aerobics or yoga as those stimulate mother’s brain the most automatically reflecting on baby’s development.

Spending Time Outdoors

Mother should also be looking to get as much sunshine as possible as the Vitamin D has been proven to decrease risk of autism development and increase brain function.

Bonding with The Baby

Also be sure to talk to your baby even if it is not born. Reading stories or educating your baby on some things even while in the stomach has been proven to increase brains function, and it results in a higher IQ and better cognitive skills
. In addition, some studies indicate that playing music, especially classical one can improve the fetal development of a brain by stimulating it. And both father and mother should massage the bump as it can calm the baby’s nervous system, and it is said that a baby can distinguish mothers and fathers touch.


Being a parent is one of the most beautiful things there is, and it is achievement of some kind as well. Every parent would like that their child ends up being a successful and educated person who can aid in development of society. And parents do play a big role there especially during the childhood period. But as new studies have shown, parents can actually affect the baby’s development and IQ during the pregnancy as well. In conclusion, the couple should seek to be as healthy as possible during that period both mentally and physically, as well as satisfied trying to make the best of every moment.


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