5 Things to Know about Cleaning Kids Ears


How to Clean Kids’ Ear Wax?

Ear wax is a very common issue in kids. It’s not unhealthy or sign or health issue of ear. Lets see how you should and should not clean it.
There are four parts of human ear – outer ear, eardrum, middle ear and inner ear. But, when we are talking about cleaning kid’s ears then all we need to focus on is the outer ear which consists of External Auditory Tube and Pinna. Cleaning the outer ear is essential as together outer ear and eardrum catch the audio or sound and this sound is then channelled to the middle ear. How to Clean My Kids Ears?
Please note, you don’t need to clean kids’ ears everyday with buds, only clean the outer easily accessible part by towel/napkin itself.
Use buds only once in a while to clean the wax from the ear (only easily seen area of the ear).

Everyday Ear Cleaning Regime

You may need a soft and clean cloth/towel and suitable oil or solution as prescribed by the doctor to make the hard wax soft for cleaning purpose. Firstly take a moist cloth and wipe it on the front and behind part of the ears. If any dirt or earwax is visible, remove it. Do not use any chemical or soap while cleaning the ears. Just clean the outer area and avoid inserting the cloth inside the ears. If your kid just had a bath or a swimming, try to dry his ears. You can do this by tilting his head keeping a towel under his head. This will allow the excess water gone inside the ear to drain out. Do not try or allow your kid to inset any sharp object, finger, cloth or cotton swab inside the ears.

Softening Ear Wax

If there is hardened wax visible inside your child’s ears, you can use gentle oil ONLY as prescribed by the doctor to soften and remove the wax. Always try to consult a doctor before trying all these things yourself. Many people use mineral oil or olive oil but trust only doctor prescribed solutions for softening the hard wax. Always use a dropper to put the prescribed amount of solution or ear drop in the ear. Make your child sleep in such a position that his affected ear is facing the ceiling or facing up. Put the prescribed solution in his ear and let him be in the same position for a couple of minutes. After some time, the wax is softened and you can easily take that out of his ear.

Proper Medical Assistance

The main question is what is the right time to see a doctor? Well, if you notice any issue related to your child’s hearing capability, or fever, pain, pus, ooze or blood in his affected ear then it’s time to see a doctor. Hardened wax and other infections make a baby very uncomfortable. If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs in your baby, consider a medical assistance soon.

Guidelines for Cleaning Your Kid’s Ear

• Use cotton cloth to clean the ears and clean area which is easily accessible.
• Don’t use ear drops without doctor’s prescription / check up
• Don’t use your fingers of ear buds/cotton swab as it may push the wax inside. You may use it carefully to pull the wax which is visible and out of the ear hole
• Don’t use oil or vinegar or water to soften the wax. Only doctors prescribed wax solution must be used.
• If any foreign object is stuck in kid’s ear, don’t try to remove it by yourself at home. Take your child to nearby ENT specialist and get it removed by medical professional only.
Like eyes, liver, heart, kidney and many other organs, ears too need care for a healthy life. Ear cleaning should be done routinely and with utmost care as ears are very sensitive. If you are using any tool or cloth for cleaning, the length should always be equal to or more than your elbow. A healthy ear is the medium to hear the mellifluous sounds of life.
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