5 Things I Learnt From the Maggi Ban


To Eat or Not to Eat: Instant Food in Question

The revelations about the nation’s most loved food-MAGGI, has spilled a can of worms about the instant food and its hazardous face. Mother’s especially trusted Maggi like anything, be it a tiffin item or evening snack or midnight hunger suppressor for their kids. Maggi had been a way of life for almost all the Indian households and there seems to be a vacuum which got created after it has been confirmed that MSG and lead content are found in extremely high levels…alarmingly high. I think it gives us a lot to introspect about the so called instant food culture that we have got ourselves into.

1. Never believe the TV commercials

Movie stars are a religion in India and we all get carried off easily when we see any product being endorsed by our favorite movie stars. We loved Amitabh Bacchan, Madhuri Dixit and Priety Zinta in the Maggi commercial and we trusted their words when they said that the Maggi noodles were healthy and nutritious. But from now on we should take cognizance towards selecting a product and should not just get influenced by the TV commercial. The actors get paid hefty for doing the commercials and the brunt is borne by the people. So the first learning that we should take from this episode is that APNI AKAL LAGAO, COMMERCIALS PAR MAT JAO.
madhuri dixit maggi

2. What looks good and tempting may not be healthy

The packaging of the product and the look of the food item, in case of maggi, appealed to classes and masses both. Be it grandfather or the grandson- all had liking towards the Maggi noodles as it looked amazing and tasted yummy too. I am sure almost all of us were unaware that Maggi is pure maida noodles deep fried in vanaspati to give that non sticky & waxy appearance and has loads of chemicals to make the tastemaker so tasty leaving you want for more. Again a point to ponder before your hand reaches that shelf to grab any such instant food product- Looks are deceptive and you should always think and learn about the product before you decide to buy it.
tempting maggi

3. NO Instant food for Kids- A BIG NO NO

The kind of neurological problems kids can get due to lead poisoning is known to everybody and the effects of MSG on health are also not hidden. The question is do we as mothers want to serve our kids those dishes which can do harm beyond our imagination just because they get cooked in a jiffy without any efforts? Most of the packaged Instant foods also have very high sodium content which can also lead to some really serious health issues not just in kids but in adults also. Nowadays we are encountering rapid rise in diseases like hypertension and diabetes in early ages and it would not be improper to say that our lifestyles, which have become so much dependent on processed instant food, are triggering factors. We could learn to make the food interesting for kids at home and inculcate good eating habits by making them aware of eating right and healthy nutritional homemade food. I would suggest rather than eating Chinese food at your local eating joint stick to cooking Chinese at home and occasionally going to a good reputed restaurants, where you could instruct the chef about your likes and dislikes while they prepare your favorite dishes. This can certainly ensure that you are not unnecessarily dumping MSG into your body.

4. What we eat now can degenerate our bodies much faster than otherwise

Can you now imagine that if you have spent good 10 years eating Maggi noodles, how much the lead content (1700 times more) could have poisoned your blood by now? or the trans fats which could have boosted the bad cholesterol levels in your body? Or how much of harm MSG could have caused to your nerve cells or could have been a cause to your diabetic condition or have cause metabolic syndrome?

5. You can sacrifice your most favorite food also

In the newspapers across nation for the last one week, all of us have come across stories revolving local eateries who were dependent on sale of Maggi noodles are now learning new recipes to cater to their clientele. The moment news was out about high levels of MSG and lead in Maggi, people stopped eating Maggi, their most favorite snacks item since their childhood. It just needs us to be a little vigilant in choosing what to eat as said earlier what tastes good may not be healthy.
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Well the government may decide to revoke the license of the manufacturers of Maggi as told in the news but we really need to learn lots from this episode that rather than causing irreparable damages to our body, let us look at leading and living a healthy life by going back to consuming our own home cooked food made with wholesome and fresh natural ingredients. THINK AGAIN!


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