5 Things Every Mother Must Have In Her Travel Bag


The New Mom’s Travel Essentials Guide

Every new mother knows that her travel bag should be her top priority in the list of things to buy. However, not many know exactly what it is that they should carry besides the regular stash of diapers, a change of clothes, baby bottles and pacifiers. With almost little or no time on your hands, we know that visiting the supermarket is a big no-no. The smart thing to do in such cases order your baby products online.
That’s why we’ve taken the liberty to jot down a list of everything that the baby could possibly need while away from the house. Thinking of all these things right before leaving the house is not such a good idea because there is a high risk that you might forget an essential item, possibly causing a lot of inconvenience during your trip.
Instead, it is advisable to have a list of the most essential bag items that you can refer to every time you have to go out with your baby. Following are the most important things that should always be inside your travel bag before you leave the house:

The Baby Care Things You Should Carry in your Travel Bag

Diapers Cream

Very often, due to cumbersome travelling, it may so happen that you don’t get a chance to give your baby a good wash. This may result in them getting a diaper rash due to constant chaffing in that area. Here’s where Diaper Rash Cream will prove to be real boon for you. The best part is that it is clinically proven to be usable form Day 1 of your child and cause no allergic reaction whatsoever.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are not only essential for cleaning your baby during a diaper change but also for cleaning up unexpected messes like spit-ups, both on you and on the baby. There are large packs of baby wipes available in stores but these tend to dry out when not used up within a certain amount of time. Instead, it would be better to buy smaller packs of Baby Wipes which are 100% Alcohol free, mild on your child’s delicate skin and leaves them with a pleasant natural botanical fragrance. You can easily order this along with the stash of your baby products online.

Formula and Water

Having the baby go hungry during your trip is certainly out of the question make sure you bring enough formula and water to keep him appeased until you go home. Some new mommy travel bags come with their own containers for formula but if your bag doesn’t have one, it is advisable to buy one because it’s not very practical to bring the whole can of formula especially for just a short.

Baby Facial Cream

When you are travelling you can hardly gauge what weather you and your baby is going to be exposed to despite doing a good reiki. In such situations the wisest thing to do is carry a bottle of Sebamed’s Baby Protective Facial Cream. It’s free from Paraben and Silicon oil and ensure it locks in the hydration while moisturizing you little angel’s skin. It is highly recommended that you don’t replace this with a general body lotion for their face as it won’t have the same effect.

Zip-lock Bags

Access to garbage bins can be unpredictable when you are away from your house. Instead of scouring the surroundings looking for a place to throw away your baby’s dirty diapers, just store them in zip-lock bags and dispose of them when you get home.


You don’t need to bring the entire playroom with you when you travel. Whether it’s a threadbare blanket or favorite bunny, every parent of young kids knows not to leave the house without that most cherished of objects. You just need to throw two or three toys into the bag that will keep the baby entertained during your trip. In case you have forgotten to carry one, no need to fret. Simply choose a look alike of your child’s favorite toy from the plethora of baby products online and have it delivered to your hotel or destination.

These are just some of the most important items that every mom should have in her baby’s go-to bag. Feel free to add more to the list, and to include your own personal items as well since your baby travel bag can also serve as an alternative to your usual purse.


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