5 Super Foods to Give Your Child Every Day


Immunity and Strength Building 5 Natural Supplements for Kids

Every parent wants their kid to be a healthy and fit. You need some super foods for the immunity and strength maintenance and health of your kid.
These are not a part of your kid’s everyday meal. These are like supplementary foods to include in a little amount every day. If your child is falling sick often then these are must have natural supplements.
These are some super foods recommended for your kid considering the requirements of some nutrients like Vitamin C, protein and DHA, that are must in daily nutritional intake to fulfill the gap that may be created in the nutrients your kid is getting and the levels he requires:

5 Must-Have Daily Foods for Children to Keep Them Fit


Lemon is a miraculous fruit in the citrus group. You can add lemon in your kid’s diet in various forms like lemon water, lemonade, few drops in his school water bottle or just squeeze it on his food. A lemon a day will boost his digestion, immunity and fulfil the Vitamin C requirements of his body. It also keeps the body hydrated and saves from the health issues like diarrhea.

Soaked Almonds

soaked almonds
Almonds are the powerhouse of various essential nutrients that are responsible for your kid’s growth including Vitamin E, Calcium, folate and magnesium. Soaked almonds are one of the must-have foods that your kid needs in his breakfast. They are easy-to-digest and they offer strength, energy and good health to your kid. This super-food is also great for your kid’s brain development.


Honey is one of the most precious natural gifts to mankind. Honey has many proven health benefits. It fights against various diseases and allergies effectively. Babies above 2 years can eat honey every day in their breakfast. It is a great source of minerals and vitamins. Honey in breakfast enhances the longevity of your kid’s energy throughout the day. Honey builds immunity and provides relief from cough and cold. Just ad 2-3 drops of honey in water and let him have it with an empty stomach. You can also put honey in his breakfast or everyday diet.


one half peeled banana
Banana is a well-known for providing strength and energy. It is an easy-to-digest, affordable and easily available fruit round the year. Banana is a very essential element in your kid’s everyday diet. It is a rich source of nutrients like Iron, calcium, sulphur, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus etc. Banana has many health benefits like improving bowel movements, preventing from heart diseases, urinary diseases, diarrhea and anaemia. It aids in the brain development of your child as well. You can use the yummy yellow fruit in various forms for including it in your kid’s diet. Growing kids need this super food very much. Elaichi bananas can be the best pick for his breakfast or lunch. He will find it yummy to eat and it will keep his stomach full for a long time.


eggs for baby
Eggs are much-recommended breakfast element for kids and adults. Eggs help in your kid’s rapid growth, strength and overall development. This super food is full of essential nutrients like protein, fat, choline and many Vitamins like Vit E, Vit A, Vit D and Vit B12. Must give an egg to your kid every day. Some parents are worried about their kid’s excess weight gain due to eating the yolk part of an egg. You can’t do much with an omelette but you can remove the yellow part of a boiled egg. Just offer the white part of an egg to your kid for a great health and growth.
Apart from switching to a healthy diet for your kid, embracing these super foods along with the regular diet can do wonders. These foods act as health and development augmenters when taken with regular diet. Include these super foods to your kid’s everyday diet and see the difference in just a few weeks.

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    As a child, I stayed away from lemons because I caught cold easily. This weakened my immune system further. Now I know lemons are a must and make sure to give them to my kids in one form or the other…

    • Sapana

      When I was a child, I used to eat a lot of sour food and used to catch bad throat easily. Hence my mom kept sour things away from me. But balanced intake is very much needed for the immunity. Dont give cold lemon water or avoid it when kids already have cold or cough. Also in India when weather is changing e.g. at beginning of winter it becomes dry suddenly. at such times reduce the intake. Such care shouldnt bring side effects.

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