5 Secretes to Make your Veg Soup Delicious


How to Make Delicious Veg Soups?

To make sure your baby gets required daily nutrients, one meal out of 5 meals a day must be a bowl of vegetable soup. You should always try to give all original tastes of vegetables to your baby so they do not put limitations to variety of the food when they grow up. Not only babies or kids but even we adults get bored with same taste every day. So when you are sure your baby is trained to accept and love all tastes give him/her a twist in taste.

These very simple tips will make soup tastier and make your baby eat more than before. Also with this you can serve the same soup to whole family.

Top Secrete 1. Adding ghee while blending the boiled veges
After you fry/boil/steam the vegetables and put it to blend add a spoon of ghee/butter and then blend. See the texture and taste, its surprisingly creamy. This timing is most important. If you add ghee while frying it won’t give you same result. 1 spoonful of ghee is to be added while blending.
All your vegetables (specially leafy or fibrous vegetables) and mixed well. It gives a smooth texture and taste to your soup.

Secrete 2. Butter and onion for magical taste
Take 1 big spoon full of butter in a pan and then add long cut onion to it, fry it till it is completely brown and crispy then add the vegetables. You may also add this fried onion to boiled vegetable. This way it tastes better.

Secrete 3. Spice up
In one spoonful of olive oil add bay leaf and/or clove and thyme then add your rest of ingredients let soup boil and then take out the spices before you blend the mixture. Spices introduce a wonderful aroma to your soup.
For a smoky taste you can add a black cardamom. This flavorful spice will change the taste of soup which you will surely love.
But don’t forget the spices in soup before blending. Also the boiling time for spices should not exceed 10 mins else it will lose the aroma and bring the bitterness.

Secrete 4. Roasted the garlic
Roast 1-2 big cloves of garlic directly over the flame either putting on a mesh or holding with a fork. Add these to veges before blending.

Secrete 5. Creamy dairy
Add Milk/Cream/Cheese to the soup. Some soups taste better if you add coconut milk e.g. pumpkin.
Milk should be added to soup at last minute of boiling. Else some vegetables may spoil the milk specially the acidic vegetables.
Have a yummy day!!


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