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Inspirational Bedtime Story Books For Girls to Buy Online

The days when the little angels were considered living in their fantasy world where there is a charming prince, money plants, golden chariot and chocolate farms are gone! This is the era of Rebellion Girls. Residing great inspirational bedtime stories to the little girls help them give an extra push to their imagination, self-confidence and enjoy a peaceful sleep. Such stories basically reinforce the bonding between the parents and the child. If you too are looking for some awesome bedtime stories for your little princess who will be leader of tomorrow then here is a curated list to embellish your child’s nighttime routine.

Top 5 Recommended Story Books For Indian Girls (Age 5 to 10yrs)

Rebel Girls: Sensation

Well, there’s a practical and inspiring world out there beyond your angel’s fantasy world and she must be aware of it to stand tall in every walk of her life. Straight from the jotted down papers of Elena Favilli, the book ‘Rebel Girls’ offer several illustrated bedtime stories of some of the inspiring women across the world known for their path-breaking works and experiences. The book motivates the little girls through the inspiring stories of a selection of female personalities like Malala and Ada Lovelace.

Girls Who Rocked The World

How about introducing some of the greatest and inspiring women from different parts of the world to your child in a fun and intriguing manner? From the awe-inspiring achievements of Maya Lin to the brave and outstanding deeds of Harriet Tubman – the book portrays the inspiring lives of 46 legendary female personalities through engaging illustrations.

Women in Science

Apart from the chocolate clouds and smiling stars, the real space is also quite interesting. The book ‘Women in Science’ offers 50 illustrated portraits and profiles of some of the most brilliant female scientific minds across the globe who contributed immensely to the scientific fields. Your little angel will definitely love the extraordinary works of these legendary women that are still benefiting the world.

Women who Changed The World

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World
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The world wouldn’t be the same without the groundbreaking efforts of some great female personalities in the past. Ranging from Jane Austen and Frida Kahlo to Anne Frank and Mary Seacole – Kate Pankhurst has beautifully presented the outstanding contributions of some of the most inspiring women in the world through lively illustrations. It’s a colorful book which not only grips your angel through the engaging illustrations but the powerful words used in the stories will also make your child dive into a different dimension of the imaginative ocean.


Heidi (Vintage Children's Classics)
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If your little girl loves vintage tales then Heidi can be a perfect treat to embellish her bedtime routine. The story is about a poor orphan girl living in the mountains with her tetchy grandfather. Heidi leaves Aunt Dete’s home and spends her days being lonely in Swiss Alps. She makes a friend and goes through several hardships but she is happy and contented no matter what. The story of Heidi definitely inspires every young girl and prepares them to face whatsoever coming to them in various walks of life.
The inspirational bedtime stories have a great significance in the maturing of the young children. When they learn good things in a colorful or intriguing way, it remains stuck with their memories and shapes their childish imaginations in a great manner.


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