5 Hindi Movies a Mother Must Watch


My Compiled List of Recent Movies Highlighting Issues Parents Face

In loads of Bollywood movies every year produced, some movies make very good impact of viewers. With entertainment some serious issues are understood easily. Here is a list of selected recent 5 Hindi movies which are recommended for Indian mothers to watch with family.

English Vinglish

english vinglish
It is a story of a sweet & simple housewife who is often laughed at & made fun by her well educated English speaking husband and kids. She is talented but her inability to speak English, makes her less noticeable by her family. Only during her trip to her sister in the USA, does she gather courage to defeat her shortcoming of not knowing the dreaded language English. She meets a bunch of individuals who not only make her realize her potential but also make her realize her value which she had lost in her narrow minded family. In the end, she feels liberated as a woman, an individual with an identity, while giving out the speech in English.
Why should you watch it: watch it with your family to highlight the painstaking efforts a woman makes to bring joy into the family.

Mary Kom

ziddi mary kom
It’s a biography of Mary Kom. The story of how her grit & determination helped her win the most coveted titles in the boxing world. Not only that how she managed her family & yet won the title once again.
Why should you watch it: Must watch for every woman as it highlights the strength of a woman and her determination to win despite adversities.

Taare Zameen Par

taare zameen par
It is a story of a 8 year old kid who suffers from Dyslexia & without making an effort to learn about his problem, the parents often compares the kid to his elder brother. After things go wrong at the school, parents pack him to the boarding school where he finds a good teacher who understands his real problem. Not only the teacher helps him get over dyslexia but also bring out his hidden talent.
Why should you watch it: Apart from highlighting the learning disability, this movies sensitizes parents towards acknowledging the fact that two kids can’t be the same & never ever to compare their kids to each other.


mai asha bhosale
The story revolves around a widowed mother of four kids who has alzheimer’s disease and how her kids try to abandon her one after the other and is finally taken to the home by one of her daughters and how the daughter makes efforts to get her accepted by her husband & daughter.
Why should you watch it: It teaches how a mother can instill respect for the elders into her daughter’s heart.


highway pathaka
Story of a rich girl, who falls in love with her abductor, as she feels safe in his custody. Then tumbles a story of sexual abuse that had happened in her childhood at the hand of her father’s best friend.
Why should you watch it: I think every parent should watch this movie to understand that how important is it to make your kids understand about the child abuse and stand with them & not against them in adverse situation. It also highlights the lurking danger within the family itself.

Hope you like my compilation and hope that you would definitely watch them with your respective families


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