5 Highly Nutritious Veges We Throw Away Daily


Do You Throw Away These Healthy Vegetables?

Last week while purchasing vegetables at a stall near my apartment one of my friends saw radish green leaves in my basket and immediately asked what did I do with them? most of people threw them in vegetable market itself.
Before I could answer her, vegetable stall owner who is a farmer said see all others had also thrown away the most nutritious vegetable from here. He showed cauliflower stems and greens which people try to get rid before weighing so they get maximum of florets in same weight. The farmer is not very educated but being closer to nature he knows value of food.
This reminded me a farmer friend from Japan who gifted me radish green leaves powder! Yes he would dry them in farm itself and made powder and he used to take it with lukewarm water. Of course its nutritional value is little reduced compared to the fresh leaves but better than throwing away. In drunken state at a nearby restaurant he told me and my husband its health benefits for nearly an hour!
Most of Indians throw away these nutritious and tasty vegetables every day! Let’s see which are those and how to use them?

Radish/Muli Green Leaves:

radish leaves
Benefits of Radish Leaves: Power house of vitamins and minerals including Vit C, Vit A, Vit E, Vit B-6, Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium. Also give you Calcium, Iron, loads of Fibers.
Eating these delicious leaves will help you fight constipation, piles and kidney stone!
How to use it in Indian way: I will share this simplest yet tasty recipe which my mother makes: Wash the fresh green leaves, grate the radishes. Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds and cumin seeds, add the turmeric, red chilly powder and then add these leaves and grated Muli
Just stir fry, don’t cover, cook it for 5-10 mins (time depends on tenderness of leaves)
Eat it with Bajra Roti! I am sure you will leave a comment about how delicious it was!!

Citrus fruits peel:

zesting orange
These peels contain 4 times more fibers than the fruit inside. The peel also has anti-cancer and cholesterol-reducing properties.
How to use it: You can grate the peels into zest and use this concentrated flavor in various recipes. This works wonders on fish dishes as it reduces the fishy smell!

Broccoli and Cauliflower Stems

cauliflower stalk
Broccoli and Cauliflower stems are as nutritious as their florets. These stems contain less calories, good amount of Proteins, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium.
The stem contains more Fiber, Calcium and Vit C than the florets
broccoli stem
How to use them: One of many simple ways are cut them and make creamy soup! Just as other simple cream soup recipes!

Pumpkin Skin:

Pumpkin skin has anti-fungal and antibacterial benefits and anti-fungal properties Next time you do mashed pumpkin, try it with the skin on.
How to use it : While you make any recipe of pumpkin cooked flesh, do not remove the skin, let it cook along with the flesh. You can blend it well to make puree and then you can use it for soups or making puris.

Potatoes Skins:

potato peels
This is probably wasted in most of Indian kitchens, We all know potatoes help put on weight, but did you know potato peels help reduce excess weight? Yes, nature has taken care to balance the nutrients in same vegetable. Potato skins contain phytochemicals which are antioxidant agent. Also it contains Vitamins, calcium. It reduces blood cholesterol and maintains blood sugar levels. It’s good for skin and hair also.
How to use them: Well it’s simple, don’t remove them! Wherever you use potato flesh, do not peel the potato, simple potato fry recipes are tastier if made along with potato skin.

Onion skins and Water melon rinds are also 2 of such healthy part of vegetables which we throw away straight to garbage. We need certain amount of each nutrient daily and to fulfill that requirement we should try to receive as much benefits from food we get from nature as possible. We waste natural resources if we do not consume the food completely.


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