5 Easy Yoga Poses to Lose Stubborn Belly Fats


How to Lose Stubborn Belly Fats Fast and Naturally?

Busy lifestyle, unhealthy food, unbalanced diet, and schedules – there are many things which result in a fatty belly. At one point or another, everybody has to cope with the stubborn fat, collected around their bellies.
Women gain weight during pregnancy. If a mother does not start exercises after 3-4 months of delivery then the fats become more and more stubborn with time. With new responsibility of baby a new mother hardly gets time for herself, waiting to work on that tummy for another year will end up in hard to deal stubborn fats.
This is the cause behind writing this long awaited post so that the easiest answer of “How to lose stubborn belly fat fast” can be circulated to benefit many.

The Best Way?

Yoga is eras-old Indian way of relieving the stress and healing the diseases (Obesity is indeed a disease – creating a platform for many other diseases to survive). It is simple, most effective and perfect indeed. Let’s see how to lose belly fats with Yoga Postures (Yoga Asanas).
Once you have learned all the 5 best Yoga postures, find out when and which yoga postures can help you in achieving the Flat belly goal after pregnancy. (At the end of the Article)

Superman Pose (Salabhasana)

salabhasan superman pose
Salabh means Locust. As the pose resembles a moth or locust this pose is called as Salabh-asan.
Superman pose is an excellent yoga posture to reduce the belly fat, strengthen the buts and other lower muscles. The blood circulation and mental health is also perfected by superman pose.
Steps for Superman Pose
> Lay down on the floor, facing towards ground.
> Keep the hands straight and stretched.
> Now start inhaling & uplifting the hands, head, chest and legs to form boat-like shape – just as superman flies.
> Aim to stay in same position for 30 seconds.
> Exhale slowly and come back to the normal position, from where you started.

Tiger Pose (Vyaghrasana)

tiger pose vyaghrasan
For the physical complications after the pregnancy, relieving back pain, strengthening the muscles of arm, legs, and shoulders – Tiger Pose is extremely beneficial.
Steps for the Tiger Pose
> Rest on your hands and knees, just as crawling babies do.
> While exhaling, raise your left leg towards your head. Also, keep your head upwards.
> Try to reach your right hand to left foot and hold it.
> After staying 5-6 seconds in this posture – put the leg backward and inhale as you relax.
> Repeat the same with another leg.
> Perform all the steps 5-10 times, beginning from the lowest count and increasing it thereafter.

Half Spinal Twist Pose (Ardha Matsyendrāsana)

For relieving back pain and increasing the flexibility of body, the half spinal Twist Pose is perfect. It also tones the lower body muscles and regulates the blood flow in the spine.
Steps for the Half Spinal Twist Pose
> Sit on your Yoga mat and put the left foot on the right side of your right leg, crossing over the right foot.
> Twist your body towards left from your waist, grabbing your left ankle or knee with the right hand.
> Place the left hand to rest on the floor and keep the spine straight.
> Stay in this position for 30 seconds and take breath normally.
> Repeat the same with another side.
> Whole procedure should be repeated for around 4 to 5 times.

Boat Pose (Naukasana)

The ultimate reduction in waist fat can be achieved by exercising Boat pose as it offers proper toning and workout for the belly, arms, legs, and spinal areas.
Steps for the Boat Pose
> Lay down straight on the floor.
> Lift your chest and leg towards each other with deep breathing. The posture should form a boat-like shape from hands to leg.
> Stay in this pose for 10 seconds and repeat the whole process 5 times.

Wind Easing Posture (Pavan-Muktasana)

Wind easing pose is soothing and easiest of all these poses. It can relieve you from the lower back pains along with providing strength to hips and thighs.
Steps for the Wind Easing Pose
> Lay down on the floor with stretched legs, arms resting on your side and heels touching each other.
> Exhale and bend your knees to touch the belly completely, you may hold the knees with your hand and raise your head as shown in the picture.
> Tighten thighs and apply pressure to abdomen muscles.
> For 1 or 1.5 minute – hold in the same position and breathe deeply.
> Release breath and come to the same posture as the 1st step. Repeat the same for 5 times with a gap of 15-20 seconds in iterations.

How to Attain Flat Belly After Pregnancy?

Yoga help finding the balance between the old and new life which needs back the normal rhythm. The Yoga poses not only help you get the flat tummy but it also helps tightening the skin after pregnancy. For first 3 months after delivery, try to add meditation and regular walk in routine. To improve posture, it helps a lot.
Start working on gained fat after 3 months. You can try these Yoga Poses or Asanas for quicker recovery –
– Tiger Pose (Explained above)
– Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)
bhujangasan cobra pose
– Pigeon Pose (Kapotasana)
– Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)
trikonasan triangle pose
– Half Spinal Twist Pose (Explained Above)
These all Yoga postures are significantly effective for everyone while trying to lose the stubborn belly fat. Also, it is fast and super fast.
If you have any Yoga Pose suggestion or query regarding how to lose belly fats with Yoga or how to get a flat belly after pregnancy, do not forget to forward it by commenting. Additionally, you can share your happy Yoga experiences too.
Stay healthy & keep your bellies happy and beautiful!


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An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


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    • Sapana

      Yoga may not give you instant results but they are safer than hard intense workouts hence do not give you side effects like weak knees or weak back.

  3. Avatar

    I like yoga but it is really hard to be consistent. I want to know the most effective posture to reduce belly fat fast. Also, tell me is there any special precaution that I have to consider? And can I do it without any guide or not. Thanks in Advance.

    • Sapana

      Moderation is important in any case. Be it food or exercises. Follow the given instructions and safety precautions properly. Never rush while doing difficult postures. Also warmup is also important before you start any workout or Yoga. Simple stretches are also enough.

  4. Avatar
    Manika Yadav on

    These yoga poses to reduce belly fat are really simple and helpful. I am trying to reduce the stubborn belly fat from past 02 years but it went with these yoga poses in just 02 months. I have gained positive effects. Really great article. Women should do yoga after child birth as it is safe and easy to preform.

  5. Avatar

    My baby is 08-months old. These yoga poses look tough. Is it safe to do them after 08 months of pregnancy and my kid still breast feed. Also, tell me when I can start workout.

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