5 Easy & Cute Ways to Announce Pregnancy


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How to Announce You Are Expecting a Baby?

Sending simple yet sweet pregnancy announcement messages or declaration messages are the best way to break the news that you are expecting a special new member in your family.
Creative pregnancy declaration messages spread the fun and delight that you personally experience.
Once you share the good news to your family and friends through creative messages, you can easily share the photos, videos and many more things to your near and dear ones and ask them to be a part of your happiness.
Below are some creative pregnancy declaration messages that can convey your excitement through words to your closer ones.

Uncommon & Fun ways to Announce Pregnancy to Husband, Parents & Friends

1. Creative Cards: Use Canva

pregnancy declare card 1
When it’s about the arrival of the 3rd member of the family, make it special by creating a card. Choose a free baby bump picture from Pixabay.com and create a customized and creative card using Canva.com. You can put a text like” Third (your surname) is coming soon” over the belly section of the picture
pregnancy declare card 2

2. Beautiful Videos: Simply Scoompa

Pixabay.com is a great place to find free pregnancy and baby pictures. You can create a slideshow or a video easily using the free pictures in Scoompa video editing tool and break the news in the end that you are expecting

3. A Sweet Message

Sometimes an emotional message with wise use of words can leave a deep impact. You can simply write “(your surname) is all set to expand by two feet in (month)”

4. Ask a Funny Question

You can add a spark to the news by presenting it in a funny way like “Does anyone has an interest to babysit the upcoming member of our family in (month)?”

5. The Traditional Way!

When nothing strikes the mind, go for traditional approach. You can simply write “Happy to announce that you are gonna be (relation with the baby) soon”
It’s completely up to you that when you are comfortable declaring your pregnancy to friends and family. But, how to declare it matters a lot. When you first hear about your pregnancy, you are undoubtedly buzzing and you want your near and dear ones to participate in your joy as well. These fun and creative messages are effective in spreading the elation among the people you care about.
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