5 Common Health Issues in Indian Women


Common 5 Health Concerns in India Women

After having a baby, your body undergoes several changes. The Indian moms may face a few post-partum health issues and in the recent years some health issues are very common. Listed below are 5 common health issues in Indian women, symptoms and possible ways to avoid them.

Common Health Issues in Indian Moms


New moms rarely suffer from Thyroid as they soon get indulged in a busy life surrounded by responsibilities. But a certain percentage of Indian moms suffer from this disease. Thyroid is basically endocrine gland which starts producing more than usual hormones in blood. After pregnancy, Thyroid issue occurs when antibodies tack the Thyroid gland.

Symptoms of Thyroid (hyperthyroidism)

• Weight loss
• Anxiety
• Tremor
• Intolerance to heat
• Palpitations
• Fast hair loss

Symptoms of Thyroid (hyperthyroidism)

• Rapid weight gain
• Fatigue
• Pain in muscle
• Bowel movement issue
• Depression
• Intolerance to cold

Doctors usually prescribe the tests like Free T4, Free T3, TSH and Anti-TPO for the diagnosis of Thyroid issue.
You can try some home remedies to get rid of Thyroid issue like eating gluten-free diet and including anti-inflammatory herbs in diet. However consulting a doctor is always necessary and no home remedy can replace its significance.

Joint Pains/Bone Health

Post partum joint pain is very common in Indian moms. A major reason for the joint issues after pregnancy is the change in the shape and weight of the body and also increase in the physical movements. Joint pain also occurs due to wrong posture while breastfeeding. Even during breastfeeding, a small fraction of bone density is lost and hence joints are more vulnerable to injuries and aches.

Symptoms of Bone Health Issue in Women

• Pain in ankle, feet, wrist, hands
• Twinge
• Soreness
The persistence of joint pain in Indian women depends on the diet and physical movements. In the case of poor diet and least workout or physical movements the pain may sustain till 6 months. The best way to deal with these pains is to do little bit of exercise every day. You can also go for hot and cold therapy. Massage is also effective in joint pains. Eat calcium-rich foods and get sufficient Vitamin D, well Sun is the all-time available source for that.
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Uric Acid Issues/Gout

New moms often suffer from increased levels of Uric acid or Gout which travels through their bloodstream and reaches the kidney. Swollen body parts, especially ankles are the results of Uric acid. Foods with higher levels of Purines are the major cause of the Uric acid creation in body.
Uric acid is common in Indian women in menopause. Before Menopause, women are protected from gout.

Symptoms of Uric Acid/Gout

• Severe joint pain
• Swelling and redness in joint
• Lump formation underneath skin after years of Gout problem
• Kidney issues
The level of Uric acid rises in the body because the body itself produces too much Uric acid or your kidney excretes the Uric acid very slowly. Constantly high levels of Uric acid in the body may lead to stones in kidney, kidney failure, cardiac issues etc. To reduce Uric acid level in the body, drink plenty of water. You can avoid few elements in your diet like too much sugar, starch or meat. You can also cut down on smoking and alcohol consumption, if you do, for better results.


Many Indian moms suffer from obesity after pregnancy. It’s not just noticeable but it brings many health issues with it as well.

Symptoms of Obesity

• Breathing trouble
• Too much sweat
• Joint and back pain
• Issue with physical movements
• Fatigue
• Snoring
Obesity is harmful to health as it can lead to some serious health issues like high cholesterol level and hypertension. To control your obesity after pregnancy, you can exercise regularly at home or outside in the open air. Eat healthy food and stay away from the dietary elements containing too much fat. Regularly monitor your health. If you think your health is declining, never hesitate to see a doctor.


In the postpartum phase, Iron deficiency is common in women which leads to Anaemia. Anaemia occurs when your body is incapable of creating sufficient red blood cells or the functioning of the blood cells is not normal.

Symptoms of Anaemia

• Headache
• Dizziness
• Fatigue
• Fall in body temperature
• Abnormal heartbeats
• Weak body
• Pale skin
• Brittle nails
• Breathing trouble
Lack of iron in diet is one of the major reasons of Anaemia. There are many Iron-rich foods like meat, green vegetables, dry fruits and eggs that can boost the level of Iron in your body. Doctors often prescribe Iron supplements or Iron tablets to treat Anaemia.
After having a baby, a mother has to be mentally and physically strong to cope with various responsibilities. The above-mentioned diseases are very common in Indian moms that occur due to many factors like lifestyle, climate, diet, complications during pregnancy and medical history. Understanding your health issue and using these simple home remedies can help you avoid the tough times.


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