5 Common Foods to Avoid for Your Baby


What Not to feed your Baby

Once your baby starts having solid foods, you start thinking about best foods for him/her. But not all healthy foods are healthy for the babies. You must avoid certain foods which are not safe for the child before he/she turns 1 year old. Some Foods which are commonly fed to babies in Indian families are not actually healthy for the babies. Lets see what are those foods to avoid for 1 year old baby or younger.

Foods to Avoid for a Baby below 1 year old

Getting a baby weaning chart from the paediatrician is very important for a baby below 1 year. If you are not aware of the must-have foods to include in your baby’s diet during weaning, know about these top 5 Indian foods to avoid for babies.


Many Indian moms feed Sabudana Khichadi/Sabudana Kheer to the babies. For a baby below 1 year old, you must select a nutrient rich foods. But tapioca is not nutrients dense food, it makes you full quickly. It is a starchy filler. It may be digested easily and encourages a gain in your baby’s weight but an optimum growth of the baby can’t be expected from Tapioca. It’s common in India to feed tapioca khichadi or kheer to babies but it’s not nutritious enough.

Egg whites

egg yolk
When your baby is below 1 year, his digestive system is weak and high protein sources like egg white can be dangerous to his health. An upset stomach can be one of the consequences of feeding egg white to your little one.
Egg yolk is whereas very healthy for the baby.


When your baby is young, he needs adequate amount of nutrients. Seafood like Shellfish and Crabs contain Mercury which is harmful for the baby’s health and growth. Also, shellfish may cause various allergies in babies.


There are high chances of botulism poisoning in babies after the consumption of honey. The contaminated honey contains botulism bacteria that can make a baby sick and the intestine of a little one is not that strong to produce adequate amount of acid to combat with this bacteria.
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Animal Milk

Animal milk should be avoided for the babies below 1 year as they may be prone to various allergies and digestive troubles due to the consumption of animal milk. Diarrhea and vomiting are the primary risks of feeding animal milk to the babies. The other risks of feeding cow milk to the babies include autoimmune reactions and impaired nutrient absorption.
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Some More Tips

• Too much of Beans/Lentil/Dal will make baby’s tummy gassy
• Too much of rice (Khichadi is not nutritious. Add vegetables to it)
• Don’t feed Chapati + Cow Milk day and night to the baby. Though it is the most popular baby food in India, it is not beneficial for the babies below 1 year as the milk from all the cows is not good for small babies. Babies below 1 year need a balanced diet for a good digestion and growth.
• Avoid Raw vegetables as the digestion is difficult with them and also the harmful bacteria might be there
• Don’t hesitate to go for a variety of baby food as variety ensures that all the required nutrients are provided and not just proteins and carbs.
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The health and growth of the babies are different from that of the adults. For a baby with a hale brain and hearty body, proper diet should be chosen at the right time. The digestive and immune system of the babies below 1 year is weak and hence special care is needed while picking the solid food for them. The above list can definitely help the caring moms provide a balanced nutrition to their little ones for a positive development.


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