35 Most Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names for 2019


Baby Girl Names: Hindu and Modern

Sanskrit names inspired by Vedas and Sahasranaam of Hindu deities are one of the most popular naming conventions among modern Hindu families. Sanskrit baby names sound royal and have impactful meanings and hence they still wield a huge influence on Indian names.
We have listed here our recommendation of 25+ most pretty, modern baby girl names from Indian Hindu families.

Meaningful and Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names of Sanskrit Origin

Adeena अदिना

ॐअदीनायनमः। There is a huge surge in the popularity of traditional-sounding Indian baby names with a spiritual connection. Adeena refers to the big-hearted and compassionate Lord Shiva.

Adrita अद्रिता

For an adorable baby girl who is loved by everyone, the name can be a great fit. The name is inspired by Goddess Durga and denotes the qualities like independence and supportive.

Ahishta अहिष्ता

A pleasant personality or someone who is worshipped. Ahi+ Ishtah (desired). The name signifies the elements of nature like sun, cloud or water.

Alola अलोला

Someone firm or steady or a person who can’t be distracted.

Araja अरजा

A flawless or dustless personality. The name is means Goddess Durga and used in the mantra ॐ अरजायैनमः।

Aroha आरोहा

The name has a special significance in Indian culture. Aroha is a popular Raag and Musical Note in Indian classical music.

Chanasya चानस्या

A pleasant and delightful personality is cherished everywhere in the world. The name Chanasya denotes all these positive traits.

Devaina देवैना

Dev refers to a deity and the name signifies a divine personality.

Divoja दिवोजा

Divya means divine and Ja refers to Janma or birth. Someone who is born or descended from heaven is known as Divoja.

Ekiya एकिया

The name generates an amiable vibe. Ek means One and Ekiya signify unique or one of a kind. The name also means a companion.

Girna गीर्णा

An uncommon name associated with a well-known personality. The name refers to a praised person or celebrity.

Hesha हेशा

Every parent wants their child to be complete in every manner. Hesha denotes completeness in Arabian culture and in Sanskrit, it means someone strong and quick.

Hrita हृता

In Hindu mythology, Hrita is an epithet used for Lord Murugan. It also represents a charming personality.

Ishma ईष्मा

The name is inspired by the lord of love in Hindu mythology. It also denotes the spring season.

Kashika काशिका

ॐ काशिकायैनमः। The goddess of fortune in Hindu faith, Lakshmi is also known as Kashika. The name literally means a bird or something silken or luminous.

Kyana क्याना

Beauty with brains is always adorable. Kyana is a modern Hindu name which signifies intelligence or wisdom.

Lokita लोकिता

The name offers a nature that has a liking for knowledge. Lokita means the enlightened one.

Marali मराली

A unique name with traditional roots is always a sought after one. Marali is a beautiful name which means a small swan.

Nadaya नदाया

ॐ नादायनमः। Nadaya is an auspicious epithet for Lord Ganesh. The name means to resonate or a sound.

Nishka निष्का

For your child’s golden future, what can be better than a name that means gold? The beauty of the name lies beneath its meaning which denotes golden ornament for the neck.

Parama परमा

ॐ परमायैनमः। Param means superior. The name is used as an epithet for Goddess Lakshmi, who is the best or first among everything. The name also refers to Lord Shiva who is the most supreme knower of the mantras.

Raivata राइवता

The traditional Indian name signifies cloud or a rich personality.

Ridha रीधा

A girl child brings prosperity in life and the name justifies the fact with its meaning which is wealthy or prosperous.

Sahanaya सहनाया

Om Sahanaya Namah. Sahan signifies the strength to tolerate. The name refers to Lord Rama is the most powerful and strongest human Avatara that we know.

Samaya समाया

Om Samaya Namah. The name is an epithet for Purusthottam Lord Rama who is the ideal personality with the best characteristics.

Sanhita सन्हिता

Sanhita has a special significance since it’s associated with Sai Baba’s message. The name implies a connection or joint or mixture. Joined or connected / Mixed in colour / Saibaba’s Message

Satva सत्वा

With purity and traditional Indian essence in its sound, the name holds a strong meaning. Satva refers to a warrior and signifies qualities like brave and strong.

Shikhagra शिखाग्रा

ॐशिखाग्रनिलयायनमः। Shikha implies the top of a mountain. The name means Top of the mountain. The name refers to Lord Ganesha.

Shraya श्राया

The name has a pious feel and a deep meaning signifying reliance and kindness. Shray means to offer shelter to someone.

Triveni त्रिवेणी

Tri denotes Three and Triveni refers to the confluence of three sacred rivers (Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati).

Varcha वर्चा

Associated with might and glory, the name is a great fit for a baby girl whom her parents want to taste the epitome of success. Varcha also denotes energy.

Varishta वरिश्ता

ॐ वरिष्ठायैनमः। The pious name if often used to refer to Goddess Lakshmi And Goddess Saraswati. One who is superior or the best among all is called Varista. Saraswati name ॐवरिष्ठायैनमः।

Vena वेना

It’s a variant of Veena, a musical instrument. The name suggests emotions like anxiousness desire and love.

Yajasa यजसा

Yajasa is inspired by Yajna, a holy practice dedicated to deities. The name means to worship.

Yuthika यूथिका

A cute little floral angel deserves a beautiful name that adds fragrance to her personality. Yuthika means needle-flower or Jasmine.
The list of uncommon baby names showcases a blend of tradition, spirituality, and religion. A name has the power to influence one’s personality and it acts as an intangible asset for the holder. And, what can be better than the rich treasure of Sanskrit names where most of the names are inspired by Sahasranam. Let your thoughts on this Sanskrit baby girl names list reach us by commenting below.
Please note, we do not segregate the names according to religion as no religion says a baby can’t have a name from another origin. By mentioning Hindu baby girl names we only try to help people looking for names with such search query.


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    I’m blessed with a baby girl and am struggling while selecting her name. I like Myra and Amyra but my family wants to give name per her rashi which I’m struggling with given the unique letters – B, Bh, F. Can you please suggest a short and unique name. Her DOB is 5th Oct, 2019.


    • Sapana

      Hi Abhishek,
      Myra and Amyra are both non-Indian origin names.
      For B names please check this list
      You may not like the Indian Origin F names for your newborn. You have non-Indian name choices like Fiona etc.

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