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Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds n Fennel Seeds Mix for Kids

Indians have been traditionally using Fennel seeds with coriander seeds as a mouth freshener i.e. a mixture to eat after every meal. Most of the kids also like to eat the roasted and salted crunchy Fennel + Coriander Seeds mixture.
I make this mixture with 2 more super healthy seeds which are highly nutritious for growing kids.
1. Flax seeds: For Brain Power Boost
2. Sesame Seeds: For Calcium
3. Fennel seeds: For Healthy Guts

How to Prepare Flax Seeds and Importance of Having Flax Seeds

Apart from benefiting the wonder seed for a good health, in India, it is widely used as Mukhawas or mouth freshener. The aroma of the seed gives a fresh feeling after every meal. Preparing flax seeds to add to your mouth freshener mixture is easy. The process includes the following steps:
• Clean Flax seeds, don’t wash them – check for bugs or tiny stones
• Roast them for 10 min on medium flame in a large pan
• Add lemon juice and salt at the last minute before they are done
• Stir and roast till the seeds get coated with the salt and the juice gets dry

Kids love these roasted sour-salty n crunchy seeds.

Benefits of Flax Seeds:

flax seeds
• Rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids – good for cardiovascular health
• Rich source of fiber – good for digestion and metabolism
• Anti-inflammatory
• Good for weight loss (For Mommies :D)
• Good for skin and hair
• Rich source of manganese – good for bone and blood
• Boosts brain power

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are widely used in Indian households. To prepare sesame seeds to add to mouth freshener, just roast them on a flat pan or even in a microwave (5 minutes in a big bowl). You don’t need to add salt to it.

Benefits of Sesame Seeds:

Sesame Seeds
• Digestion booster
• Good source of calcium, fiber, magnesium, Omega 6, phosphorus and iron
• Good for healthy hair and skin
• Cuts down stress
• Strengthens bone
• Healthy dietary element because of unsaturated fat

Fennel seeds

fennel seeds
Fennel seeds are popular for healthy digestive system and also controlling bad breath. These seeds have been used as mouth freshener after meals for several decades. It is also great for many stomach issues.

Fennel Seeds Health Benefits:

• Controls blood pressure
• Good for digestion and helps in constipation
• Good for eyes
• Blood purification
• Cuts down water retention
• Fights cancer
Adhere to just the usual way of making fennel seeds i.e. take a teaspoon of haldi + salt + 2 tablespoon water and mix this with fennel seeds. Coat the seeds well with this mixture.
Now, roast in a big pan on medium-low flame or microwave it about 5 minutes.


You may keep the fennel seeds + sesame seeds with Coriander seeds together and only the Flax seeds separately because the flax seeds usually stick in mouth on teeth.
I usually keep them separate and give my kids flax seeds first then the fennel seeds+ Sesame + Coriander seeds mixture.
This mixture is helpful in controlling the bad breath or introducing a good aroma in mouth after the meals but this mixture also boosts the production of gastric enzymes that promote digestion.


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