3 Letters Baby Girls Names Sweet and Meaningful


Short Baby Names for Girls from Various Languages

The names with lesser syllables are equally powerful and meaningful as the long names. A short name is sweet and easy-to-pronounce. Such names are easily remembered as well. Not necessarily as a nickname, these powerful, positive and meaningful names are for sure suitable to new generation baby girls belonging to any culture or country
Today, we have brought you the most melodious, lovely and impressive short names with very inspiring meanings.

3 Letters Baby Girls Names With Meaning and Origin

Name Origin Meaning
Amy English/Irish Beloved
Ann French Priceless
Ava Latin Bird
Aoi Japanese Hollyhock
Bia Greek Power/Might
Dia Arabic Light
Dua Urdu Essence of Worship
Eda German/Polish Happy/ Rich
Eka Sanskrit Unique/Goddess
Ela German Tree
Ela Sanskrit Merriness
Eli Hebrew My God/High
Ema German Serious
Emi Japanese Blessing/Beauty
Era Hebrew Guardian
English Wind/Air
Eva Latin Little One
Fay French/english Fairy
Fia Portugese Weaver
Irish Deer / Wild
Ida Norse Goddess
Ida German Industrious one
Ila French From Island
Sanskrit Flow
Inu Hindi Attractive or beautiful
Ira Sanskrit Earth
Ivy Greek Faithfulness
Iza Arabic Power
Jaz English Jasmine Flower
Jia Arabic Heart or Sweetheart
Chinese Beautiful
Joe French May Jehovah add or enhance
Latin Joanna
Joy Latin Happiness / Joy is a variation of the Latin name Joyce.
Jit Hindi Victory
Jui Marathi Flower
Jun Latin Young
Japanese Obedient
Chinese Truth
Kae Greek Pure/Chaste
Hawaiian Sea
English Kayla
Kai Japanese Ocean
Kim English Bold
Kei Japanese Blessing/Wise/Respect/Excellent
Lia Greek Bearer of the good news
Lin English From the linden tree dell
Liv Norwegian Olivia Shortened
Mai Japanese Brightness
May Greek Greek goddess of increase /Derived from Mary
Mei Chinese Beautiful
Japanese a reliable sprout
Mia Latin Rebellion
Mio Japanese Beautiful/Cherry
Nia Irish Bright
Nur Arabic Light
Oma Arabic Commanding
Hebrew Devoted
Latin Mother
Roman Goddess Bona Dea
Pia Italian Pious/from Mount Olympus
Rai Sanskrit Wealth
Japanese trust/ lightning/ thunder
Spanish Raimundo
Ria Sanskrit Riches
Spanish mouth of a river
Latin Poppy
Greek Stream
Rie Japanese Blessing/Logic
Rio Spanish River
Rit Hindi Culture/Tradition
Rua Arabic Dreams / visions
Sai Hindi Saint Sai
Marathi Female Friend
Sia Swidish victory
Sanskrit Goddess Sita
Biblical Moving Help
Arabic Jasmine
Tia Greek Goddess
Uma Sanskrit Goddess Parvati / splendour /Night/fame
Hebrew Nation
Arabic Community
Umi Egyptian Life
Una Irish Together/One
Xia Greek Welcoming/Hospitable
Yui Japanese Superior garment
Yuv Sanskrit Youth
Zia Arabic Light/Splendour
Zoe Greek Life

Most of the times, short names are multi-origin as such small names mean some thing in 1+ languages. Short names are not just great for calling and remembering but it also balances a mutiple syllable surname. Where long names sound serious and sophisticated, short names are adorable and cute.
If you liked our collection, do let us know, also let us know if you know any more such names and would like us to add to our collection.


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