3 Letters Baby Boys Names: Unique and Meaningful


Short Baby Names from all around the World for Boys

Small baby names are always attractive and trendy. The best thing is you don’t have to stir your memory a lot before remembering the name. 3-letter baby boy names are not just appealing to parents but people meeting the baby also find it easy-to-pronounce and remember. There is so much grace and pizazz in short names. Below are some handpicked, positively meaningful only unique baby boy names that can add zing to your baby’s personality.
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Baby Boys Names: 3 letters With Meaning and Origin

Name Meaning Origin
Ace Unity English
Adi First Sanskrit
Aki Bright/Autumn Japanese
Ako My Child Japanese
Ale Noble Dutch
Alf Wise Swidish
Ali Noble Arabic
Amo The eagle rules Italian
Ari Lion Hebrew
Asa Born at Dawn Japanese
Aud Son of Night Norse
Aum Sacred Syllable Sanskrit
Aun Friend/Helper Arabic
Avi Highest Father/Aviel Hebrew
Axl Father of Peace Scandinavian
Bay Auburn-haired French
Bek Brook English
Ben Son of the South/Benjamin Hebrew
Blu Blue English
Boz Name of a King Ukraine
Bud Friend America
Buz Contempt Hebrew
Coe Valley in Hill Irish
Dan God is my Judge/Daniel Hebrew
Dar Family Arabic
Dax Name of a town French
Den From Denmark Norse
Dev God Sanskrit
Dex Right Handed Latin
Dez Desiderio Italian/Spanish
Dio Dion Latin
Doy Dark Stranger Celetic
Dru Manly French
Dud From the people’s meadow English/Sanskrit
Ean Form of John Scottish
Edi Rich in War Old English
Eko First Child Indonesian
Ell Edilo German
Elo Life/Grain Finnish
Emo Serious German
Eon God is Gracious English
Ero Erik German
Esa Name Of A Prophet Arabic
Esh God Sanskrit
Evo Ivan Normannic
Fay The fates Latin
Fin Irish Warrior Irish
Foy Faith French
Gen Genesis Biblical
Geo Farmer American
Gil Happiness Hebrew
Gin Silver Japanese
Han Gift from God German
Hao Good/Perfect Vietnamese
Ian Gift from God Scottish
Imo Knowledge Yoruba
Ion Son of Apollo Greek
Isa Jesus Arabic
Ish God Sanskrit
Ivo Archer German/Dutch
Jad Generous Arabic
Jax Hyacinth flower Hispanic
Jay To Rejoice / Victory English/Sanskrit
Jed Beloved of the Lord Hebrew
Jef God’s Peace Teutonic
Jim Supplanter Hebrew
Joe May Jehovah add/give increase Hebrew
Jon Jonathan English
Joy Happiness English
Jud Praised Hebrew
Kai Sea Hawaiian
Kay Gaius English
Kaz Peacemaker Unknown
Kei Blessings Japanese
Ken Handsome Scottish
Keo Superior Khmer
Kye/Kai Sea Hawaiian
Lay From the meadow farm English
Lee Wood English
Leo Lion Latin
Lew Famous Warrior English
Lex Defender of men Greek
Lin From the linden tree dell English
Lou Famous warrior French
Loy Loyal English
Luz Light Spanish
Lyn Lion Like Leader Welsh
Mac Son Of Gaelic
Mao True Center Japanese
Max Greatest/Maxwell Scottish
Mir Ocean Sanskrit
Mit Friend Hindi
Nay Flute Persian
Nik Lord/Nicholas English
Nio New English
Nir Water Sanskrit
Niv Figure of Speech Hebrew
Noe Comfort Hebrew
Omi Variant of Om Sanskrit
Ori My Light Hebrew
Ove Ancestors Norse
Oza Teacher Indian
Pat Patrician/ Noble Irish
Poe Peacock English
Ray Counsel German
Ren Ruler Welsh
Reo River Spanish/Portugese
Rex King Latin
Rey King Spanish
Rik Power German
Rio River Spanish/Portugese
Roi King French
Roy King French
Ryn Ruler Welsh
Ryu Dragon Japanese
Sai Indian Saint Indian
Sam Name of God/Samuel Hebrew
Sef Joseph German
Sid Wide Island English
Soe Dominate Burmese
Sok Peaceful Combodian
Sri Shree Sanskrit
Sue Lily English
Tai Talent Vietnamese
Tam Twin Armaic
Ted Wealthy guardian English
Teo God Spanish
Tex Derived from Texas English
Tim Timothy/Gods Honour Greek
Tom Twin Aramaic
Tru Truman/Loyal English
Uno First Born Latin
Uri God is my light Hebrew
Ved Knowledge Sanskrit
Vir Brave Sanskrit
Wan Gentle/Gracious Chinese
Xai Xaiden Gaelic
Xan Defending Men Greek
Yen Calm Vietnamese
Yon John English
Yue Moon Chinese
Yug Age/Generation Sanskrit
Zac Remembered by God Hebrew
Zan Defending Men Greek
Zeb Gift from god Hebrew
Zed God’s Justice Hebrew
Zen Meditative State Japanese
Ziv Bright Hebrew

Short names are not just easy and memorable but balances one’s name that already has a long surname. Not always too many letters leave an impact. Small names have a different niche and they are remembered for a long time. These names have been carefully chosen and presented to make your baby’s naming ceremony a howling experience.


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