3-In-1 Rocker Napper: Why is it so Popular?


Why Is This Rocker cum Cradle Causing a Stir Among the New Indian Parents?

Babies love jiggling when they are in a mood of having fun. The comfortable rockers give them a feel of being in the mother’s womb and completely safe. The rocker-napper combination helps the new parents save money and space buying a single product getting the dual benefits. This 3-in-1 rocker napper made by Tiny Love Company is a complete treat. It’s a portable product offering 3 comfy reclining positions to the baby. A baby can sit straight and play with the flowery mirror or the rattling snail attached with the rocker-napper combination or he can rest at some angle or take a nap keeping the setup at 180 degrees.

Features of 3 in 1 Tiny Love Rocker Napper

Smooth seat to napper conversion
• Smooth rocking available in all the three reclining states
• The musical toy attached with the rocker napper engages the baby for the long time and you can see his cute reactions all day long
The raised borders ensure safety of your baby; it prevents him from sudden falling
• The rocker napper comes with a stylish and smooth fabric which makes baby feel comfortable and you feel good whenever you go near your baby
The rocker napper grows as your baby grows
• Can bear the baby’s weight up to 18 kg
Very Modern and Stylish
• Enticing lights
• Plush seat
• Can be easily adjusted and transported
• Not at all bulky or heavy or space consuming like other cradles or rockers.
• Space Saver
• Movey Saver

Care Instructions

First Stage

For the newborns or 0 to 6 months old babies, the rocker napper’s middle reclining position at some angle can do the work. During this phase, the baby needs sheer comfort and a high-level safety. One of the parents can watch over the baby’s movements. The middle reclining position helps your baby avoid the suffering due to the reflux. He can take a nap in a quiet environment and wake up with a smile.

Second Stage

When the baby is 1 to 3 months old, turn the rocking mode on. Your baby will love to jiggle in the rocker napper when he is not taking a nap. The rattle snail and the cute mirror hanging on the top can be made approachable to the baby so that he can feel the cool stuff and enjoy during the daytime.

Third Stage

When your baby is 3 to 6 months old, you can let the electronic toy bring some happiness to your baby’s regime. There are multiple tunes stored in the toy that can ginger up the baby’s fun time.

Easy Washing

The cushion, fabric, the bottom and the sides can be easily taken out and washed. Applying a gentle pressure on the fabric and the corner parts will keep them soft and beautiful. Washing the fabrics, cushions and all often is a great idea to maintain the hygiene as it’s about your baby’s health, safety and comfort.

3-in-1 Rocker Napper – The Most Beautiful Gift for a Newborn and a Treat for the Parents

The 3-in-1 rocker napper is attractive, safe and comfortable. The new parents want nothing but their small one’s proper care and upbringing. This Cradle cum Rocker as a gift for a newborn is an important step towards contributing to the safety and comfort solutions for the newborn and it will ultimately impress the new parents in India.
Nowadays, the new parents stay busy in a selection of jobs in the everyday life. They can’t stay all the time near their baby. The rocker napper combo offering 3 reclining positions is a great saviour. The parents can find some time for their necessary work keeping the baby in a comfortable and engaging rocking bed keeping an eye on baby from a safe distance.
The baby can take a nap or play with the attached toys without disturbing the parents much. In fact, the product has been designed for both the parents and the baby. If a baby is quiet and happy, then the same goes with the parents. The product comes with various pictures which make the assembly a walkover. Either of the parents can assemble it singlehandedly. The product can be tried for the babies between 0 to 6 months.

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