25 Funky Baby Boy Nicknames


Coolest and Funky Nicknames for New Gen Baby Boys

Nicknames reflect affection, delight and a close bonding. Choosing cool nicknames for baby boys can be challenging as it will reflect his personality and the family members must find the name easy to pronounce. Well, here are some trendy baby boy nicknames that can spark up your baby’s personality.

Funky and Sweet Nicknames for Baby Boys

Lady Killer

When your baby got looks to die for, the name simply becomes the feather on his hat.

Mr. 007 /Bond

Does he find out the hidden chocolates every time? Well, the name perfectly goes with his personality then.


When he got the leadership skills and acts like he can cope up with all the odds, this name sounds suitable for him.


If your baby is full of life and likes to flaunt his moves, looks or skills, Jazzy is the perfect nickname for him.


Does your baby always ready to attack with his toy weapons and got quick moves? You can make him feel special with the Ninja nickname.


For the baby boys who crawl or run too fast and make the parents jaded soon, the name is a great pick.


Your strong baby who can lift his teddies and toy cars single-handedly deserves this name.

Baby Boss

When your baby boy wants his commands to be followed by every member of the family, then he completely deserves this awesome nickname for a baby boy.


Again, dynamo is something related to power and energy and hence it goes perfectly with your energetic baby’s personality.


It’s pretty natural to love your baby’s chubby cheeks and when he shows some killer moves with his chunky body, the name Chunky is something that may strike your mind.


This may sound a unique and rare nickname but it may suit your naughty, restless and active baby boy.


Indians just love kaddu because of its awesome taste but just think of its round and chubby body which may resemble your baby’s chubby thighs. So, it can be a good pick.

Butter Nuts

Butternuts, hard from outside and just wow from inside! This name may suit your baby who shows off his strength often but can’t stay without you for a moment.


If you find it hard to match any nickname suitable for your little hunk, just name your baby ‘Nugget’ and feel the unconditional love for him all day long.


Keep your love for the Mexican foods alive for years naming your baby as Taco – spicy, tempting and just wow!


It’s a very stylish name and it’s popular as Amir Khan used to go by this nickname in the blockbuster movie 3 Idiots.


The name signifies both coconut as well as cocoa i.e. coffee and both of the things satisfy the taste buds.


When your angry baby creates a buzzing sound to make everyone in the home listen carefully to his demands, this name is an obvious choice!


Dash can be a short form of dashing and the name is suitable for a handsome and dashing little baby boy.


The name Hulk itself signifies a big man with limitless powers and courage. Well, if your chubby and strong baby is all set to lift big things, give a GREEN signal to this name.

Big A (First letter of real name)

The nickname is suitable for the baby boys whose name starts with A and his size is a bit bigger than his fellow babies in the neighborhood. You can name him in similar way if starting letter is different. Like Big B, Big S, Big M

Unique and Trendy Hindu Baby Boy Names

Wonder Boy

When your baby boy wonderfully learns the skill of pretending to be innocent after doing things, he is all set to get the nickname, Wonder Boy.

Hercules/Iron Man

Both the names, Hercules and Iron Man represent a heroic and strong personality. If your baby thinks, he can win the battle with his little teddy, let him be called by these names.


The name belongs to the Western culture but you can use this as a nickname for your baby boy who is naughty and acts like a little gangster with his toy guns.


Well, for this name, your baby needs to have the SWAG and the courage to ride his toy animals like a boss.
These names are sweet and easy to bond with and each of them tells a different story about your baby’s personality and behavior. Choosing a nickname from the above list, you can’t just impress your relatives and neighbors but make your child think how cool his parents are when he will grow up.


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