22 Unique Indian Baby Boy Names You’ve Never Heard of


Rarest of Baby Names for Indian Hindu Baby Boy

During my study of unique baby names and while helping the new parents find uncommon names, I observed that a name which is unheard, short and stylish was the most liked by the new Indians Parents. Here are some of the meaningful names which I have tried to make from the meanings of the short Sanskrit names. These names are completely made up by fusing two different meaningful names.

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Most Uncommon Indian Baby Boy Names


It’s a divine name related to Lord Shiva. Shiva is known as the God of Gods, so one God: Aish + ik.


It’s a madeup name which signifies courage and divine knowledge An + Veer


It’s a madeup name combining the two names Arya (Sun) and Adit (First or Sun)


The madeup name is created by combining the names Ayas (Fire or dexterous) and In (full of). Lord of Fire.


Ayas means fire and vir means brave. The name signifies a passionate and brave personality.


It’s a very positive madeup name created by joining the words ‘Bha’ which means shining and ‘Vir’ which means brave. A bright brave person can be called as Bhavir.


It’s a unique madeup name. Divya means glow or light. The name signifies a handsome person.


The word ‘Dhi’ refers to intelligence, mind and understanding in Sanskrit. Dhivan is a madeup name which means clever, skilful or artistic.


Dhyan means meditation in Sanskrit which can be performed in sheer peace. Dhyanin is the one who is in sheer peace meditation and also mean tranquil or calm.


Krishiv is a unique and spiritual name which reflects the blessings of the two powerful Hindu gods Krishna and Shiv.


Arit means admired or honoured and Lok means the people. The madeup name signifies someone who is honoured by the people.


Moun means silence in Sanskrit. The madeup name is formed by combining the words ‘Maun’ and ‘Ish’. The name means the lord of mind or peace.


Om is the sacred Hindu sound and Krit means activity or performing. Someone spiritual who is devotee of Lord Shiva and Om Chanter is called as Omkrit.


The name has been made using the word ‘Roch’ which means glorious, attractive, delightful and bright.


It’s a madeup name created from the words ‘Ruth’ which signifies earth and ‘Vij’ which means seed or son. The name means son of earth or a priest or who is truthful.


In this madeup name, the word ‘Sau’ stands for Saundarya which means beauty and ‘Veer’ means brave. Beauty with courage can be the apt description of this name.


Shiv is one the trinity gods and the Sanskrit word ‘May’ means associated or comprising of. The name Shivmay means someone who is associated with Shiv or has the traits of the god in him.


Vir means brave and strong and ansh means part. The name signifies to bravery and strength.


It’s a positive name derived from the word ‘vir’ which means brave.


Vir or Virya means brave and ‘Aj’ signifies the son or a part of something. The name Viryaj means son of a brave man.


The name Yashil means success and Lord Shiva. It’s a name signifying powerful and winning traits in a person.


Yash means wealth and success. It’s a madeup name which symbolizes a wealthy person.
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Since last year, I started listing baby names on my blog. I developed an interest and studied the names till their roots and origins. There were many names popular on the baby names lists on the internet which were not suitable as the baby names. Eliminating such choices, I have been listing only positively meaningful names which are short, trendy and easy to pronounce. I hope you liked my ideas and suggestions. Do share if you did.


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