22 Beautiful Indian Baby Girl Names You’ve Never Heard of


Rarest Baby Names for Indian Baby Girls

If you are looking for a modern, unheard stylish name suitable for an Indian Baby girl, here are the best of suggestions for you. Some of the selections are from non-Indian origins. Recently, there is a trend in the Indian baby girls’ names of Foreign Culture that has inspired me.

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Sanskrit Origin Rarest Names for Baby Girls

Arkisha / Arkesha

The Sanskrit origin feminine name has been created by combining the words Ark, which means Sun or Fire and Isha, which means the goddess who rules. So, the literal meaning of the name is Goddess of Sun.


Arunika is a positive madeup female Indian name which signifies the bright light of the early morning or someone who gives life or is passionate about something.


It’s a Sanskrit name which means Goddess Durga or Parvati. It is a Hindu baby name belonging to Krithika nakshatra.


Beautiful (in Origin Unknown). We can whereas relate it Sanskrit origin with word Amiti: which means Boundless


Homa is a sweet, short and cute Indian baby girl name. Homa means fire in Sanskrit and someone who is born of fire can be called by this name.


Manveeta refers to someone who is most prestigious. The similarly sounding name Manvitha means Goddess Durga.


Ritshika is something which is traditional or belongs to the tradition. The name belongs to Chitra nakshatra. It’s a madeup name originating from the word Ritashah which means to managethe sacred law.


The name Vyoma comes from name Vyom which means sky or atmosphere.


Yagna means the spiritual ceremony dedicated to god. The name Yagnitha is a madeup name derived from the word Yagna.


Yash signifies success or fame. Yashita is a madeup name created from the word Yash.


The name Jinanshi is derived from the word ‘Jin’ which has different meaning in different cultures. In Hindu culture, the name signifies Vishnu and therefore the name means Ansh or part of Vishnu.


The name is made of two words Jal and Arka that are the two out of five elementary things from which the world has been created. Jal means water and Arka means fire or sun. Hence, the name signifies to the Goddess of water and sun.

Foreign Origin Rarest Names for Baby Girls


It’s a beautiful name with Hebrew origin, meaning magic or tall like a palm tree. The word Tamara means palm tree.


The name has Russian origin. Vikesha signifies triumph or winning.


Ziana is a short and trendy name having Urdu and Arabic origin. The name means bold.


The name ‘Nushka’ is an Russian origin name which means a valuable possession. FYI, Anushka though sounds a Sanskrit/Hindi name is actually a Russian Name.


The name Malka belongs to Hebrew culture which means a Queen. In Arabic, the name Mallika also means the same and sounds similar to Malka.


Larisa is a trendy and beautiful name belonging to Russian culture. The name signifies a cheerful or light-hearted person.


It’s a Japanese origin name which means little flowers. The name means swift in Sioux language.


The name has English origin and it means a beautiful or royal life like a dream. The name also signifies clear water.


The name must be familiar to the global people for the recent years. Ivaanka Trump is a popular face today. The name has Bulgarian origin which means the almighty god is gracious.


Arika is an Australian origin name which means beautiful or someone who is praised for her looks.
Before your daughter makes her own identity in the world through her achievements, her name remains her only identity and as a parent you may wish to give her a unique, inspiring and positive name. The above names belong to different origins and signify some quality and spirituality. So, if you are not sure about choosing an unusual or foreign origin name for your angel, the list can help you out.


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